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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Bed Bug Detectors for Home, Hotel, and Office

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Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection Kit

Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection KitCreated by the makers of PackTite, the home portable bed bug heat chamber, is the new bed bug fecal spot detector called Bed Bug Blue™. This new, inexpensive, and easy to use test kit allows home owners and pest professionals alike to definitively test spots for blood residue assuring that the spot has been left by a bed bug and reaffirming the presence of bed bugs in an environment.

Bed bug treatment can be costly and preparation for treatment can be time consuming. Now with Bed Bug Blue™ and a simple test you can know you have a bed bug problem even if you can't find these secretive hiding insects visually. In less than one minute the test strips tell you if there is blood present in the black spots you've found indicating that a bed bug has most likely left this debris as part of its feeding process. Find out more information, watch a video and then buy it in our store.

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PestWest's CSI Blue Light Kit

Bed Bug Inspection Kit.When you need to get serious about bed bugs, you need our special contrasting bed bug specimen inspection kit. This kit comes with a slim line hard cover carrying box. The included orange filter goggles in combination with the intense 455 nm light adds vivid contrast to your inspection. The kit enables the user to add a new dimension to bed bug inspections. The blue light emitting light source is used to see latent signs and other physical evidence of an infestation easily. It is necessary for the inspector to wear the orange goggles.

To use the system, simply darken the room or area shine the special light at various surfaces for your inspection while wearing the orange goggles and look for physical evidence of bed bugs. Take time to let your eyes adjust to the light and contrast then work methodically and carefully. Leave the cardboard monitor behind a head board or under a mattress and look for fecal stains on the white cover each time you inspect for bed bugs.

For more detailed information please visit our product detail page.


Purchase the Bed Moat

Bed MoatMake your bed an island with the Bed Moat. This innovative plastic moat allows you to place your bed legs inside and keeps bed bugs from climbing up the legs to get onto your bed. The Bed Moat comes in packages of four. Each square Bed Moat measures 4 3/4 inches outside and 3 3/4 inches square as the dimension of the inside section.

The Bed Moat has a slightly abraded outside surface making it easy for bed bugs to grab on to climb in, but a slick polished inside surface that they cannot climb up with your bed leg safe inside the center protected area. The unit contains no chemicals and acts as a passive bed bug trap.

When you use the Bed Moat, just make sure that you don't provide alternative ways for bugs to get to your bed, keep bed skirts up, blankets, and comforters tucked in. Move your newly "moated" bed away from the wall. With the Bed Moat, you get protection that surrounds you!

For more detailed information please visit our product detail page.


BB Alert Active - Now Available in the United States

BB Alert Active as you will receive it in the box.The new BB Alert Active from MIDMOS Solutions Ltd. is an innovative cost effective solution to a difficult problem - bed bugs. In a nutshell this new product created with a unique design and special replacement activator pad attracts bed bugs in search of a "warm blood meal" to the unit where they are caught and held for inspection.

The product is small and narrow and easy to tuck away underneath the bed at the top of the headboard on the floor. It can easily be used by a home owner, maintenance staff, and the professional exterminator. For best results we recommend installing the activator sachet, after shaking, between 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. each night. Make sure to install a new sachet each night. Then monitor for bed bug activity for three to five consecutive days. The sachet packets acts as a chemical attractant drawing bed bugs into the small sticky glue trap that is part of the unit. The trap can then be reviewed by a professional to verify the presence of bed bugs. The monitor can be used for up to three months and new sachet packets are reasonably priced. The unit attracts both adult and nymph bed bugs giving the assurance of prompt detection of bed bugs for early treatment or additional peace of mind after treatment.


BB Alert Passive An Early Bed Bug Detection Product

BB Alert PassivePassive bed bug monitors are a great way to check for an early bed bug problem. When bed bugs are found early they are significantly easier and less expensive to exterminate. Additionally at an early stage the infestation is fairly well confined to one location. This new passive bed bug detection monitor from MIDMOS is called BB Alert Passive.

The monitor works by providing a narrow space (harborage) that bed bugs love. When the monitor is properly positioned near the headboard of the bed between the mattress and box spring is can show the signs of a bed bug problem in the very early stages. The wide white skirt surrounding the harborage location allow a pest professional to see fecal traces quickly. These fecal traces are caused by bed bugs which have engorged themselves from a blood meal extruding fluid to crawl into their favored small space. The fecal traces appear on the white skirt of the product as black marks that could have been made by a felt tip pen. Additionally when a more prominent infestation is present the pest professional will also find cast skins on the skirt as well.

The monitor has a large sticky backing that allows the monitor to be easily applied to a bed frame or headboard. The monitor has a checklist on the top that housekeeping or a pest professional can tick off the month of inspection as well as a place to note the installation and expiration date.


Bedbug Early Detection System (BEDS)

Bedbug Early Detection System (BEDS) and BDS SystemThe Bedbug Early Detection System or BEDS box contains six small profile heavy duty cardboard scored pieces that contains dots of glue and are folded over with a gap for bed bug to slide in. The product has a very small profile and conceals any evidence of bed bugs once they crawl inside. The product has no blood meal lure, but provides a "safe" harborage site for bed bugs if they are present. The passive bed bug monitors come pre-scored to fold in half.

These small enclosed cardboard monitors can be tucked inside nightstands, underneath drawers, mounted under box springs, affixed to the back of headboards, tucked behind pictures, and inserted between a mattress and a box spring. No one need know that there are bed bugs trapped inside until the glue board detection system is cut open for inspection by a pest control professional.

Contained in each BEDS box are six foldable glue boards and a nice information booklet that includes instructions for use, placement recommendations, bed bug identification tips, and a what to do next guide if you find you do have bed bugs. This is an excellent new product that finally puts early detection in the hands of consumers.

Bedbug Early Detection System (BEDS) and BDS System


NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor

NightWatch bed bug monitor and trapNightWatch is an innovative bed bug trap and monitoring device that uses heat and CO2 to attract, trap and kill bed bugs. The NightWatch trap creates the same CO2 patterns that a sleeping human does; attracting bed bugs for a quick bite, a snack, and then death.

This new product has been created by BioSensory Inc. and was extensively tested by Entomologists at Purdue University. The Entomologists concluded from their experiments that "pitfall traps with heat have potential to be useful tools for monitoring bed bug infestations and reducing bed bug numbers." – Just the right combination of elements that NightWatch provides to attract and then trap pesky bed bugs. NightWatch is is now available for purchase.

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The Bedbug Beacon

The Bedbug Beacon.We've just picked up a brand new product called the Bedbug Beacon which is being sold by the same people who have brought us PackTite, the portable bed bug oven. We've watched a video of the trials and the product seems extremely promising in regards to capturing bed bugs when a visual inspection has shown no presence.

The product is a small simple pit trap covered with a dome, a tube extends from the dome. With water and three packets of chemicals, you make a liquid that slowly releases small amounts of CO2 gas into the trap; attracting bed bugs. The chemical solution continues to create small levels of CO2 for up to 11 days.

The results appear to be excellent with even these small amounts of CO2 in attracting bed bugs. The product is relatively inexpensive and is patent pending. With the difficulties some people have of finding CO2 canisters to power many of the more expensive or professional bed bug monitoring tools, this ready-mix make your own CO2 solution may be the perfect combination for wide spread and also more economical use.


Bug Dome a Personal Bed Bug Monitor

The Bed Bug DomeThis new product created by Silvandersson under the name of Silvatronic, based in Sweden, is now available for purchase in our online store. This bed bug monitor/trap uses a small heating element place underneath a dome to attract bed bugs. Once the bed bugs have climbed onto the dome trap, they are stuck in a glue material that coats the trap section. The trap section is replaceable when full. The unit comes with three glue domes.

The Bug Dome unit plugs into any wall outlet and is manufactured by the same company that has created Cryonite. You can view the company brochure for more information. This product is available for $99.99 and ships free to customers in the United States.

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