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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Bed Bug Dog Services for NJ and the NYC Metro Region

Bed bug trained discovery dog.Dogs are the newest weapon in our bed bug-fighting arsenal. Trained to sniff out weapons, arson, drugs, missing persons, termites and cancer, dogs have now being trained to detect bed bugs, helping pest control companies better target treatment areas. With their powerful olfactory abilities, dogs can sniff out live bed bugs and their eggs hiding under furniture, behind baseboards, under floorboards, behind heavy entertainment centers or deep in a child's toy box full of stuffed animals.

A trained dog can thoroughly investigate a room and locate bed bug infestations in two to three minutes, less time than it takes a human technician who must rely solely on visual clues to locate these tiny insects. Using a trained bed bug-sniffing dog to ferret out these noxious pests can decrease the need for invasive visual inspections and pinpoint locations where a more thorough investigation and treatment will be most productive.

Bed bug dogs can save time and money and decrease disturbance to hotel guests, condo and apartment dwellers, hospital patients, nursing home residents, business and families.

The Nose That Knows!

A dog's sensitivity to odors is 10 to 100 times greater than man's. The average dog has 200 to 250 million scent receptors in its nose compared to a human's 5 million. Dogs can detect the tiniest levels of odors, down to a few parts per billion; and can be trained to discriminate between 10 to 30 odors. In rigorous scientific tests conducted by entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville, properly trained dogs had a consistent 98% accuracy rate in detecting the presence of live bed bugs and their eggs in various environments, including hotels and offices.

Learning to differentiate bed bugs from ants, termites, cockroaches and other insects takes hundreds of hours of training. Employing the same food/reward training techniques used by the U.S. Customs Service to train drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs, dogs are trained to alert their handlers to the presence of bed bugs by swatting a paw or barking.

Smaller dogs are favored for their ability to negotiate tight spaces. Once dogs pass the sniff test, they begin rigorous week-long training with their handlers to enable them to work as an effective team. Handler/dog teams must prove themselves in simulated hotel room settings, detecting the presence or absence of bed bugs with 100% accuracy before certification. To prevent dogs from spreading bed bugs while they're working, handlers are taught specific grooming protocols.

What Happens When Rover Arrives

When the handler and dog arrive at a property, they initiate practiced search patterns proven to sniff out bed bug locations. Well-trained dogs can enter a room and within two to three minutes alert their handlers to the tiniest trace of bed bugs. Dogs are trained to tell the difference between live bed bugs, dead ones, cast skins, eggs and fecal matter.

Typically, dogs can detect infestations within a three-foot radius but may not be able to narrow it down further. For example, a dog may indicate that bed bugs are under a piece of furniture but be unable to indicate whether the bugs are hiding in furniture joints or floorboard crevices. Working together, handler and dog will determine the extent of the infestation and narrow the insects' locations to determine treatment areas.

Paired with cutting-edge pest extermination, bed bug-sniffing dogs can perform an invaluable service for homes, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, apartment complexes, military barracks, camps, cruise ships, airlines, and anywhere bed bugs might be a problem. The dogs quickly locate bed bug trouble spots, allowing pest extermination experts to efficiently target and eliminate bed bug infestations. Dogs can also be used in follow-up procedures after treatment to guarantee that all bugs have been killed.

Call Us To Schedule a Bed Bug Dog Visit

When you are ready to check your property for bed bugs, call us to schedule our bed bug sniffing dog. Our dogs work quickly, find problem areas fast, and allow our pest control technicians to rapidly solve your bed bug problem while it is still in the begriming stages. Many hotels and office buildings have our bed bug dogs on a schedule of monthly visits to make sure that bed bug treatments are done when the infestation is small and easily contained.


Why Use a Bed Bug Dog?

Stern Environmental Group provides bed bug dog services.Here's why you should consider a bed bug dog:

  • Fast and accurate. Bed bug dogs provide fast, accurate results; minimize invasive searches, pesticide use and unnecessary treatment; and reduce remediation efforts.

  • Cutting-edge. The latest trend in pest control, a properly trained and certified detection dog is recognized in court as a "scientific instrument" (U.S. 9th Circuit court of Appeals).

  • Trustworthy. Detection dogs have been used for decades by military and law enforcement agencies and have a proven track record of successful detection.

  • Honesty. Dogs work for food and love. Their results aren't motivated by profits.

  • Peace of mind. With a scientifically proven 98% success rate (University of Florida-Gainesville), you can rest easy if the dog doesn't find bed bugs and know your money will be well spent if it does.

  • Hard working. Bed bug dogs can work for six to eight hours with no decrease in accuracy.

  • Effective solution. Bed bug dogs provide fast, accurate results with a minimum of disturbance to occupants.


What to Look For in a Bed Bug Dog Service?

K9 services are a new and evolving area of pest control. The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) was formed to develop and set national training and certification standards for bed bug-sniffing dogs and their handlers and trainers. Not all companies offering K9 services use proven training techniques and results can vary widely. All of Stern Environmental's K-9 patrol teams are trained and NESDCA certified. Dogs train every day to keep detection skills sharp. Our skilled K9 handlers know their dogs and only schedule dogs at peak performance to work. Stern Environmental Group works closely with our K9 handlers to ensure maximum effectiveness when a team is sent out on a bed bug scent detection call.

Stern Environmental's Bed Bug Dog Services

Finding bed bugs is just the first step. Exterminating them is what's important. Many bed bug dog services provide initial and follow-up detection but not extermination services. But you're not just hiring a dog. It's the pest control firm on the other end of the leash that will get rid of what's bugging you. Make sure the firm you hire has the ability to provide the total solution to your problem. Stern does.

If our K9 team finds evidence of bed bugs, the handler will alert us; and we'll contact you to discuss treatment options and pricing. Stern Environmental Group offers a number of service options, including cutting-edge Cryonite technology freezing treatments that leave no chemical odor or residue. Our specially trained technicians are experts in eliminating bed bugs, and we guarantee extermination.

Scheduling regular K9 detection inspections of your property with Stern Environmental Group can prevent resident/customer complaints and potential legal action. Proactive action on your part can reduce liability, litigation and fraud. Regular bed bug K9 services can sniff out bed bugs before they get a toehold and become a major – and far more expensive – problem. Nothing stops bed bugs from re-infesting a property. Canine bed bug scent detection can be an important part of a comprehensive pest prevention plan.

Ready to Schedule Your Bed Bug Dog Service?

If you feel that you have a problem with bed bugs, don't wait for it to become an infestation! Call or email the bed bug extermination experts at Stern Environmental Group for prompt, fast, discreet action and guaranteed extermination. Stern Environmental provides bed bug extermination services in most of NJ, all of NYC, parts of CT, and most of Long Island, NY.


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Stern Environmental offers bed bug dog services.
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