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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Bed Bug Extermination and Control Services for Hotels, Motels, and Apartment Buildings

Bed bugs happen to the best in the property management and hospitality industry. With our innovative Cryonite® non-chemical treatment and pro-active bed bug control and treatment programs, we eliminate bed bugs before they get a foot-hold and lead to an infestation. Don't let your property suffer from the bad publicity of a bed bug problem. Take action today with the help of the experts at Stern Environmental Group. Contact us for special help geared for the hospitality and property management industry now!

A testimonial from one of our hospitality industry hotel customers.

"We own and operate a midtown New York hotel. Stern Environmental has been a real professional in ending our bed bug problem. A little bug can harm a great hotel. Thanks Stern! Best Wishes, Stan"

Read this recent article from Business Week, where our owner Douglas Stern was quoted on the difficulty in treating bed bugs in commercial establishments and the economic impact of bed bugs on property managers and hotel owners.

Protect Your Reputation for Quality & Keep Your Guests Safe

Our Discreet Non-Toxic Hospitality Industry Bed Bug Extermination Service Allows You to Reuse Rooms Immediately after Treatment

Bed bugs are serious problem in New York and New Jersey. In fact there has been a five times increase in the incidence of bed bug reports in New York City alone. Lawsuits are common when a hotel customer experiences a bed bug problem and then transports the infestation home. Additionally, media coverage can hurt your brand and reputation. It is important to take pro-active action to assure that your property doesn't become the next property listed on or get reviews about bed bugs on your property in Trip Advisor. Stern Environmental can effectively treat for a bed bug problem minimizing room downtime or create an effective bed bug control program including bed bug bite proof mattress and box spring encasements.

We are also using bed bug monitors and traps to confirm the presence of bed bugs or to verify the full extermination of bed bugs as part of our pro-active control protocol. As the region's top bed bug experts we are constantly evaluating other innovative new products to fight bed bugs. Find out what we are testing now before it even comes to market.

Cryonite®, the European Solution That Has Come to America

Bed bug treatment in a hotel using the Cryonite machine.Stern Environmental is one of the first pest control firms in the United States to utilize the Cryonite® system to eradicate bed bugs, even insecticide resistant bed bugs. Cryonite® uses CO2 (carbon dioxide) snow to rapidly freeze bed bugs; killing them in all life stages even eggs.

Typically when a hotel room is taken out of service for a bed bug infestation, the room will be out of service for 10 to 14 days. Additionally, in reality, the rooms above and below the infected room as well to either side should be treated for bed bugs. Now with Cryonite®, the infected room or apartments can be treated and returned to service immediately as this treatment is provides an effective kill of all bed bug phases even eggs.

The Cryonite® Bed Bug Treatment Advantage

  • Eliminates all life stages of insect pests and bed bugs without using insecticides

  • Dry treatment method that has liquid residue

  • Minimizes risk factors associated with the use of insecticide chemicals on bedding

  • Enables the renting of rooms immediately following treatment maximizing occupancy rates

  • The CO2 is recycled from industrial processes - no additional CO2 is released into the atmosphere

  • This is a truly "green" pest control solution and environmentally friendly

  • Creates no impact on the health of hotel guests

  • Kills adults, nymphs, AND eggs

  • The pressurized CO2 snow penetrates behind headboards and into cracks and crevices

  • In tests with follow-up seven days later showed a 100% kill with no insects detected visually or on sticky tapes (Certified by Insect Investigations, LTD, United Kingdom)


Additional Scientific Information on Cryonite® And Its Effectiveness Against Bed Bugs In a Study on Hotel Rooms

Read the full certified scientific and efficacy testing, Field Trial to Assess the Efficacy of a Combined Cryonite/Diatomaceous Earth Treatment Against Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius) from Insect Investigations Ltd., a government licensed Efficacy Testing Facility in the United Kingdom.

More About Bed Bugs, Do You Have Them?

Bed bugs feast on human blood and can cause red swollen bites on your guests' bodies. They love to bite while people are sleeping. Adult bed bugs can even live for up to a year in carpeting and mattresses without food. Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate once established. To kill them, you need professional, experienced, bed bug extermination help from Stern Environmental Group; the top bed bug exterminators in the New York City metro area.

We Provide These Commercial and Hospitality Industry Bed Bug and Pest Control Services:

  • Cryonite® CO2 Snow Treatment of Guest Rooms and Bedding

  • Pro-Active Bed Bug Prevention Treatment

  • Traditional Comprehensive Bed Bug Extermination Treatment

  • Full Crack and Crevice Treatment Kills Bed Bugs in Their Hiding Places

  • Bed Bug Treatment Using Approved Chemicals For Kill and Eradication

  • Quick Bed Bug Eradication Services

Find out more information about how Cryonite® kills bed bugs and is an effective solution for insecticide resistant bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention

Even if you have not experienced a bed bug problem, it is never too late to prepare for the worst. Bed bug mattress encasements and box spring encasements protect your bedding investment, make monitoring for bed bugs easier, and if you do get a bed bug problem later, make treatment quicker and easier. Find out more about bed bug bite proof mattress covers and box spring covers today.

Not sure what bed bugs are, visit our bed bug resources page for more information on how to identify if you have bed bugs on your property. Consider bed bug monitors and traps as part of your long term proactive bed bug control program for your property. As bed bugs are here to stay, bed bug monitors and bed bug mattress covers are good investments in keeping your property or hotel bed bug free.

The Wall Street Journal has just recently interviewed Douglas Stern, Managing Partner of Stern Environmental Group, on bed bug extermination programs. When you need a bed bug extermination expert you need Stern Environmental. Even the Wall Street Journal turns to him for information on how to treat and get rid of these pesky bugs!


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