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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Bed Bug Extermination Specialists for New Jersey & New York City

Freeze Your Bedbug Problem Away With Cryonite's Non-chemical Treatment.

Cryonite® The Effective Bed Bug Freezing Treatment Is Available at Stern Environmental

Cryonite®, it was developed in Europe, and it's effective in killing all bed bug stages even eggs! Cryonite® kills bed bugs by rapidly freezing their cells with CO2 (carbon dioxide) snow applied under pressure with patented application tools. It's fast, effective, non-toxic, and works to kill even pesticide-resistant bed bugs found in NJ and NYC.

We were one of the first firms in the United States to who have tested and used this product on bed bugs and have become experts with its use in fighting bed bugs. The Cryonite® system is "green", is a dry method and leaves no liquid residue, enables immediate reuse of a new bed bug-free environment, and is highly effective. Find out more about Cryonite® and how it kills bed bugs. The Cryonite machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F.

Bed Bug Information - Do You Have Them?

The size of a grain of rice, the common bed bug – Cimex lectularius - wreaks havoc in its victims' lives out of proportion to its size. The Godzilla of tiny bugs, a bed bug infestation creates a level of panic that can turn the average person into an anxious, itching, paranoid neurotic. In a recent National Pest Management survey of pest control companies 77% of the customers that were treated for bed bugs were very upset and concerned.

Rightfully so, bed bugs feed on your sleeping body and can leave itchy welts that can swell. Although only 50% of people bitten will have a reaction to the bite, bed bugs are not a pest to leave untreated.

In fact, early detection and treatment is highly important and will lower the price of treatment and minimize your personal disruption when you find you have them. We invite you to find out more about bed bugs and consider our bed bug dog inspection services to verify the presence of bed bugs before treatment is scheduled.

Bed bugs can be difficult to treat. 76% of the pest control companies surveyed in a recent National Pest Management survey stated that bed bugs were more difficult to treat than ants (which many considered the most difficult insect pest to eradicate). Read this recent article from Business Week, where our owner Douglas Stern was quoted on the difficulty in treating bed bugs in commercial establishments and the economic impact of bed bugs.

Tools for Early Detection of a Bed Bug Problem

We consider early bed bug detection key. As a result we have reviewed and tested a number of products for commercial and residential use. Find out more about bed bug monitors and how they are used to test an environment before or after a bed bug extermination treatment. Being experts in the area of bed bug control we are routinely asked to field test new products. Find out more about innovative new bed bug control products that we are considering or are currently testing as top bed bug extermination experts.

We strongly recommend the use of heat to treat personal property in conjunction with a Cryonite or pesticide treatment for bed bugs.

PDF File Get the Bed Bug Traveler Card to keep in your pocket with info on how to identify and protect yourself from bed bugs.


A Little Bed Bug History

Small, wingless insects, bed bugs evolved from bird and bat nest parasites. A persistent human scourge throughout recorded history, widespread use of synthetic insecticides after World War II led to a sharp decline in bed bug populations in most industrialized countries. Virtually non-existent in America by the 1990s, this nuisance bug is making a comeback, and what a comeback!

In a recent survey done by the National Pest Management Association, pest control treatment professionals have found and treated bed bugs in the following places: apartments and condominiums (treatment performed and mentioned by 89% of the professional responding), single family homes (treatment performed and mentioned by 88%), hotels and motels (treatment performed and mentioned by 67%), college dormitories (treatment performed and mentioned by 35%), homeless shelters (treatment performed and mentioned 31%), nursing homes (treatment performed and mentioned by 24%), office buildings (treatment performed and mentioned by 17%), hospitals (treatment performed and mentioned by 17%), primary and secondary schools (treatment performed and mentioned by 10%).

Bed bugs have also been found in laundries, on public transportation, movie theaters, churches, day cares, libraries, summer camps, hostels, furniture, retail stores, restaurants, locker rooms, dressing rooms, prisons, fire and police stations, moving vans, ambulances, funeral homes, and doctor's offices.


Portrait of a Bed Bug

Bed bugs progress through five nymphal stages and must feed at least once to develop to the next stage and to reproduce. Adults feed every 3 to 5 days throughout their estimated 6 to 12-month life span but can live up to a year without feeding. Adult bed bugs are about 1/4-inch long, oval, flat and reddish-brown. They give off a distinctive musty, sweet odor often likened to raspberries or coriander.

They often void while feeding, leaving telltale rusty or tarry spots on sheets and in hiding places. Pea-sized pearly white clusters of 200 to 500 eggs may also be evident. Bed bugs prefer warm temperatures of 83 to 90°F but can survive in climates of 5° to 120°F. Bed bugs typically like high humidity environments and may not be very active during the winter months when the heat is on, but this lower level of activity does not mean that you may not need treatment! Visit our bed bug resources page to find out more information.

Bedbug bites will appear as raised red welts and can be very itchy.Bed Bug Dining Preferences. You're On The Menu!

Bed bugs feast on human blood and prefer to dine at night when their prey is conveniently unconscious. Puncturing the skin, they eject an anesthetic so they can dine leisurely, gorging for 5 to 10 minutes. It's when they scurry away that the itching starts. Salivary proteins injected when they bite cause the allergic skin reaction. Bed bug bites can raise ugly red welts as in the image to the right, but some people will not have a reaction to bed bug bites and will not get the ugly red sores. Visit our bed bug bite picture page for images of bed bugs and bed bug bites.


Ouch - Bed Bug Bites Hurt and Itch!

Bed bug bites produce a round, raised, reddish welt and may itch intensely for several days. Less than half of those bitten react, and since bed bug bites resemble those of other blood-feeding insects like mosquitoes and fleas, a definitive diagnosis is difficult. The presence of welts or raised sores is not a sure indicator that you have bed bugs, you must look for an actual bed bug presence to confirm their presence.

Those frequently bitten may develop a sensitivity "syndrome" that can include nervousness, jumpiness and sleeplessness. But it's the social stigma that weighs most heavily on bed bug victims. Visit our bed bug resources page for more information and video on bed bugs. Or visit our bed bug bite picture page for bite marks and bed bug photos.

It's Not Your Fault You Have Bed Bugs

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not caused by filth or dirt. An equal opportunity bug like lice and fleas, bed bugs are creatures of convenience. A nuisance insect, they do cause discomfort – both mental and physical – but not disease. You can bring bed bugs home by staying in a hotel or home that has a bed bug problem. The eggs can travel, to infest your home, by catching a ride on your suitcase or clothing.

They can invade your apartment or condo from air ducts or crawling under the drywall. Bed bugs are a growing global problem and nearing epidemic proportions according to the EPA in some metropolitan areas.

This mattress shows the tell tale blood stains from feeding and nesting bedbugs.Do You Have a Bed Bug Problem?

Bites, odor and voiding smears are indicators of a bed bug problem. But if you have no reaction to their bites, they may go undetected until you become infested. Bed bugs are easily confused with other nuisance bugs like carpet beetles, bird and rodent mites, shiny spider beetles, parasitic wasps, even lint by the more paranoid, making diagnosis best left to the experts.

We invite you to find out more about bed bugs and consider our bed bug dog inspection services to verify the presence of bed bugs before treatment is scheduled if you are located in the NYC metro area.


When You Need Discreet Professional Bed Bug Extermination Call Us

If you feel that you have a problem with bed bugs, don't wait for it to become an infestation! Call or email the bed bug extermination experts at Stern Environmental Group for prompt, fast, discreet action. Stern Environmental provides bed bug extermination and control services in most of NJ, all of NYC, parts of CT, and parts of Long Island, NY.

Don't trash your expensive mattress and box spring after a bedbug infestation, get real protection from bedbug bites with our products.We sell the Protect-A-Bed line of bed bug bite-proof encasements.! Now you can salvage old mattresses and box springs, protect your new bedding from infestations, and increase the efficiency of bed bug control. Find out more by visiting our mattress cover product information page. These special encasements may just be the perfect solution for your home or hotel needs. Buy professional exterminator tested Protect-A-Bed bed bug bite proof mattress covers and box spring encasements online now!

The Wall Street Journal has interviewed Douglas Stern, Managing Partner of Stern Environmental Group, on bed bug extermination programs. When you need a bed bug extermination expert you need Stern Environmental. Even the Wall Street Journal turns to him for information on how to treat and get rid of these pesky bugs!


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