NYC Continues Working to Sterilize Breeding Rats

NYC Rats
NYC Rats

NYC rat control is a top priority and there’s a new sheriff in town ready to help lessen the population through birth control. A study of rat behavior in New York subways was designed to provide information on what types of food rats are most attracted to.

The plan of action is set out bait boxes with a tidbit comprised of a cheesy wax texture. The bait provides a tasty treat as well as moisture. Rats do not always have access to liquid and the bait addresses this issue along with a flavorful nugget.

The cheese nugget contains VCD (4-vinylcyolohexene) an industrial chemical that takes approximately 15 minutes to go into action once ingested. The chemical was developed by Arizona based SenesTech developers of ContraPest.

The goal is to sterilize female rats to significantly reduce the rat population but not completely eliminate. The remaining rats would work as gatekeepers to prevent an infiltration and infestation by other rats from other areas laying claim to current territories.

VCD poses no harmful effects on humans nor is it harmful if exposed to the environment. The city hopes to decrease the rat population by as much as 75 percent. Testing has already taken place in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and Laos.

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Upper West Side Luxury Hotel Bed Bugs Caught on Video

Don't Bring Home These Unwanted Guests
Bed Bugs Can Be Anywhere

You just never know what may be lurking in the folds of your mattress when staying at a luxury hotel. In the case of a California couple, it was an infestation of bed bugs. The couple posted a video of bit pictures on YouTube getting thousands of views.

In case you’ve ever wondered where bed bugs set up housekeeping, the answer is anywhere there’s a warm, dry, cozy and secure location near an easily available food source.

When you think about, that’s a lot of territory. Bed bugs are known travelers that are adept at hitchhiking on various transportation opportunities such as backpacks, clothing, used furniture, buses, airplanes, trains and taxis. They like mattresses, curtains, drawers, stored boxes, and cracks and crevices for settling down while waiting to dine.

Bed bugs are bloodsuckers and humans definitely please their palate regardless of whether you’re staying in a hostel in Brazil or a 5-star hotel in New York City.

The bugs infest many areas including schools, churches, motels, hospitals, restaurants or any building where hiding places are available. Seat cushions are a favorite spot right there on the top of the list with mattresses.

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation at your property, it’s time to call in the NYC bed bug control specialists at Stern Environmental Group.

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Are We Experiencing a NYC Raccoon Epidemic? The Stats Say Yes!

NYC Raccoon's
NYC Raccoon’s

Raccoons, like squirrels, are interesting critters and fun to watch, especially the babies that usually show no fear. Although entertaining, you do not want raccoons making your home, their home, under any circumstances.

The masked hombres are adept at setting up housekeeping in your attic and because they have a palate that allows them to eat just about anything humans do, they’ll stick around wherever food sources are available such as garbage cans. If you have a dog or cat and feed them outdoors, this is yet another available buffet to keep them in your home.

Raccoons also pose a problem when it comes to damaging your home. For raccoons, the old adage, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” definitely applies for finding an entry point into your home. Once inside, they can make a mess.

The curious critters pack very sharp teeth and aren’t afraid to use them especially if cornered or confronted. Another issue to consider is rabies. Raccoons have been known to carry the disease. While you may think the solution is to capture them yourself, it’s highly recommended that you leave the trapping and removing of raccoons to NYC raccoon control professionals for your own safety.

If you’re experiencing a problem with 4-legged masked bandits infiltrating your property, contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We have the NYC raccoon control specialists who know how to capture and remove raccoons humanely.


Rats – Carriers of 1.6 Bacterial Agents and 3.1 Viruses

Rat Facts
Rat Facts

New York City residents have a long history of sharing their streets with rats. As the rat population increases, so, too, do the opportunities for humans to cross paths with the known disease carriers.

Rampant rats not only infect humans and pets through bites, their blood, feces and urine also pose health problems that include both bacterial agents as well as many viruses. In a report by mBio, it was found that two of the most common viruses in NYC are salmonella and bartonella. E. coli took the top honors as the pathogen that affects rats the most.

Another health issue created by rats is hepatitis C. The study showed pathogens associated with the disease were common among the rats in the study.

For your part, look for evidence of rats and inspect your business for any entry points and plug them up. If you have pets nearby, don’t allow food to be left out as an easy resource for rats.

When rats infest an area, NYC rat control professionals are your best form of attack. Not only do they have the necessary knowledge, they also have the experience, skills, and equipment, and treatments to free your business of the unwelcome guests.

Do yourself a favor and eliminate the stress of worrying about rats in your property. Call us at Stern Environmental Group schedule an appointment for one of our NYC rat control specialists to inspect your business.


A Little History: Fire Ants Came to America on Spanish Ships

The Ants
The Ants

Fire ants. Their name alone is a warning that the pests cause pain. These busy bugs, native to Central America and South America, have been a U.S. resident as far back as the 16th century.

World Travelers

Tropical fire ants are an invasive species. From what researchers have found, world traveling fire ants made their way to the U.S. aboard Spanish ships. Once the ships landed, the ants debarked and set up colonies. Today, it is estimated most of the planet’s tropical regions have fire ants as residents.

Understanding how the ants travel allows more research into processes and treatments used by NYC commercial pest control specialists to avoid, eliminate and remove existing or potential infestations.

Bugs that Pack a Punch

Fire ant bites hurt. Like their name implies, the bite is like a hot burning poker on your skin. When the ant bites, it injects a powerful venom that turns into a red pustule bump that can leave a scar. People who are allergic to fire ant bites can go into anaphylactic shock which needs immediate treatment. If not treated, the bite can cause death.

Fire ants aren’t the type of pest you want settling into your yard or home. If you think you have fire ants, let professional NYC commercial pest control technicians take care of the problem. Contact us at Stern Environmental Group at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.


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