The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part Two: Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention

Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping bed bugs away from your loved ones. These tiny pests can make their home anywhere and at any time. They aren’t choosy as long as there’s fresh blood available when they’re ready to feed.

Preventative Measures

While you may never see a bed bug because they’re nocturnal and the youngsters are nearly transparent, there are tell-tale signs the bloodsuckers are traversing your sheets at night, such as obvious bites, shell casings from shedding, and discolorations on bedding ranging from dark brown to black.

Here are a few tips and products a NYC bed bug specialist would consider good steps in helping prevent the pests.

1. Purchase bed-bug-proof encasements to cover your mattress and box spring sets.

2. Disposable box spring and mattress bags are also an option to keep bed bugs at bay.

3. Other products available through your NYC bed bug specialist include bed bug monitors, chemical traps, bed bug detection units, mattress, drawer, and luggage liners, travel bags, and bed bug heaters,

If you find that you have a bed bug issue, then the first thing that goes on your”to do” list is to contact an exterminator and schedule an inspection. The technician knows what to look for and will determine how severe your infestation is.

If you’re facing a bed bug dilemma, contact our experts at Stern Environmental to schedule an in-depth inspection.

The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part One: Treatment

Bed Bugs are "Armoring" Themselves, so to Speak. Let Us Defend You!
Bed Bug Infestations

Being subjected to a bed bug infestation is not a situation to be taken likely. These parasitic bloodsuckers make life miserable once they’ve set up housekeeping in your home and targeted you as their main course.

Bed bugs are found anywhere, from schools and churches, to city buses and five-star hotels. They don’t discriminate. Their only interest is finding a good meal and they’ll hitch a ride on any mode of transportation.

Bed Bug Signs and What to Do

1. First and foremost, you’ll know if bed bugs are in your home if you find multiple itchy bites. In some cases, people experience bumps, hives and a rash. While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, their bites are constant reminders that you have a problem.

2. Bed bugs are primarily night stalkers. Look for signs of the pests such as shells the bugs have shed, and black or brown stains on sheets, comforters, and the mattress.

3. Check behind outlet covers, points of entry on the bed frame such as tiny cracks, and along the seams of the mattresses.

4. Document what you find, then contact a NYC bed bug specialist for help.

The NYC bed bug specialist technicians at Stern Environmental are more than ready to take care of a pesky bed bug infestation. Contact our staff today about treatments and available preventive measures that ensure your property remains bed bug free.

NYC Hotels May Be Required to Have Bi-Annual Bed Bug Inspections

Mandatory Bed Bug Inspections For NYC Hotels

It was recently discovered that bed bug sightings in New York City hotels were up 44% between 2014 and 2015. Many of the sightings have been at some of the city’s largest, most upscale hotels. Fortunately, that discovery got the attention of several officials in the city council, and a new bill was introduced that proposes bed bug inspections by qualified personnel at all hotels every six months.

In addition, another bill is being introduced that will require the city to publish reports detailing bed bug metrics, including:

• The total number of bed bug complaints

• Bed bug violations in apartment buildings

• The amount of time infestations took to resolve

Under this bill, a map will be required to be published every three months that specifies the locations of bed bug complaints and their current status. In this way, the city will be able to keep tabs on problem areas and trends.

These bills are monumental, and they’re sure to create a significant amount of change for the people of New York City who are tired and frustrated over the bed bug problem that has been plaguing the city for the last several years.

Calling a NYC bed bug specialist is your best plan of action if you have a bed bug problem. Please contact us, your local NYC bed bug specialist, if you suspect an infestation. We’ll help you resolve it immediately.

Kids Learn About Bed Bug Prevention at School

Bed Bug Prevention Education

As your NJ bed bug specialist, we can tell you that schools can be a great place to pick up bed bugs. We get calls from a lot of parents who suspect that their children brought them home, and now there’s something that schools can do to help stop the spread of these horrific pests.

A new teaching curriculum is now available from the Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force and the University of Florida, and it’s free of charge. The curriculum is called “Bed Bugs and Book Bags” and it contains 103 pages filled with a teacher’s guide, ten lesson plans, and lots of games and hands-on activities.

The best news is that pilot testing of the curriculum has shown amazing results. Fifth graders have demonstrated the most increases as far as their knowledge and understanding of bed bugs and how to prevent them. In fact, close to half of the people who downloaded this curriculum were not teachers; rather, their focus was on educating adults.

Integrated Pest Management is vitally important, and this new curriculum does an amazing job at it. The more we know about bed bugs, how to identify them, and most importantly how to prevent them, the better our chances will be at eradicating them for good.

If you have a bed bug problem in your home or your office, please contact us, your NJ bed bug specialist for immediate assistance.

Watch Out! Did You Know Squirrels May Be Carriers of Leprosy?

Make Sure Squirrels Don't Bite You!
Make Sure Squirrels Don’t Bite You!

Those cute little squirrels running to and fro, carrying and burying nuts, then running to get more, can certainly be entertaining. But when they make their home in your house or attic, well, they aren’t very cute anymore.

Besides being a major nuisance by chewing up woodwork, running around and sounding like a herd of elephants in your ceiling, or gnawing through wires, they can also carry diseases, and one of those is leprosy.

Red Squirrels

So far, only the red squirrel is known to carry the leprosy bacteria, and of those, only red squirrels in Great Britain are infected. There has been no known infection that has occurred when humans have been exposed to squirrels with leprosy, but that doesn’t mean it is beyond the realm of possibility.

The common grey squirrels, which are abundant on our eastern USA coast, don’t harbor the leprosy bacteria, but they can carry other diseases like salmonella, and they can also carry ticks that may be infected with Lyme disease. Regardless of what type of squirrel, it’s always better to keep them from making your house their home.

For questions about squirrels and how they can be controlled, please contact your NJ squirrel exterminator at Stern Environmental Group. We’re pest control experts and and a NJ squirrel exterminator that you can count on. Stern’s has been serving the NYC and New Jersey areas for over 17 years.

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