One Traveler’s Nightmare: Bed Bugs and an Allergic Reaction to the Bites

Bites on an arm.

Allergic Reaction To Bed Bugs

Even the most well planned vacation can turn into a nightmare when faced with bed bugs in your hotel. This recently happened when a couple on vacation staying in a popular chain hotel woke up the next morning with multiple bites on their legs and their son’s leg and toe.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a growing concern because they are easily transported from one location to another where the bugs will set up camp and become an ongoing itchy problem. In some cases, their bite can also lead to severe allergic reactions resulting in hospitalization as was the case with the vacationing couple.

Whether from a hotel, bed and breakfast, workplace, classroom, church pew, restaurant seating, or public transportation, bed bugs can be brought into the home via clothing, backpacks, or luggage.

When your home or place of business is invaded, it requires the services of a professional company with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to thoroughly rid the area of the biting bugs.

With specialized services and monitors available with Stern Environmental Group, our experienced technicians can assess the infestation and recommend a plan of action that can include elimination of the infestation and long-term monitoring.

A bed bug infestation makes life miserable. If you have a problem with bed bugs, let us help you. Contact us at Stern Environmental Group for the latest technology to rid these bloodsuckers from your home or business.

Highlighting Great Bed Bug Detectors for Offices and Hotels

Bed Bug Detectors

Bed Bug Detectors

Bed bugs. No one likes them and no one wants them anywhere in or near their home or business. The problem is, these tiny bloodsuckers are master hitchhikers. This means they can be on a bus, flying the friendly skies, in a cab, stuffed inside a piece of luggage or briefcase, learning their ABC’s at school, or riding the rails in a piece of clothing.

Because these pests are so active, they can travel from many locations and be deposited in your home or business where they’ll set up housekeeping and dinner reservations with you as the main course.

Bed bugs can be most anywhere but you’ll know they’re around by the red, itchy bites they leave on your body. To monitor these pesky diners, there are several new solutions available, many of which we sell on our website.

Many of these detectors will trap insects so they can be identified for infestation verification purposes and some even use special scents to attract bed bugs to sticky surfaces to capture them.

If your home or business is experiencing a bed bug invasion, or if you’d like more information about your bed bug detection options, just give us a call. When you contact our representatives at Stern Environmental, you’ll receive expert help on the best way to deal with bed bug problems. We are the NYC regional experts!

Bed Bug Resurgence Caused by Globalization and Other Multiple Factors

Resurgence of Bedbugs Due to Multiple Factors

Resurgence of Bedbugs Due to Multiple Factors

Bed bug infestations have been increasing in the NYC area in recent years for many reasons. Although the presence of bed bugs used to be associated with unsanitary or unhygienic conditions, this has changed considerably. Bed bugs have been thriving in a wide range of environments, including buildings that are normally kept clean. Pesticide changes, globalization and even interior decor trends have been contributing to these infestations.


Pesticides containing DDT have been banned since 1972, but they used to be effective at getting rid of bed bugs. At the same time, pesticides that are highly effective at killing cockroaches have been increasing in use, resulting in fewer cockroaches around to prey on bed bugs.


With more and more people traveling around the country and the world, bed bugs have been easily carried from one place to another in suitcases. Limited travel in the past used to make it harder for these pests to infest other places.

Interior Decor

The shabby chic style of interior decor has also made it easier for bed bugs to find their way into new buildings. Purchasing secondhand furniture and other items comes with the risk that these objects are already infested with these pests.

Don’t let bed bugs cause problems in your building. Contact Stern Environmental Group, so our NYC bed bug specialists can thoroughly handle infestations and prevent more of these pests from entering your building.

Bed Bugs on the Red Carpet: Movie Premiere Postponed

Bed Bugs On The Red Carpet

Bed Bugs On The Red Carpet

Action movie should have the audience jumping out of their seats — not jumping up to escape from bed bug bites.

At the AMC theater at Times Square recently, attendees of the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials premiere were treated to an unexpected unpleasantness when a thorough bed bug infestation had everybody itching and scratching.

AMC has responded to the bad press, stating that they take immediate action and hire a bed bug extermination company as soon as they confirm any reports of bed bugs. They also conduct routine inspections to try to catch infestations before they take hold.

Movie theaters aren’t the only type of business that needs to be vigilant about bed bugs. The pests tend to convene and spread at any public place where people gather, especially if there is upholstered furniture or carpeting.

When Bed Bugs Go Viral

At the Maze Runner premiere, many audience members were distraught and disgusted after getting bit in the dark theater. Stories of the bed bug infestation started spreading quickly on news and social media.

That kind of viral news does not bode well for businesses, so AMC is right to take action and bring in a commercial pest control company immediately to calm consumers and win back trust.

Don’t let bed bugs write the headlines about your business! Contact Stern Environmental for bed bug services and extermination throughout the NYC/NJ area.

Brace Yourself, It’s Stinkbug Season!

Keep Stinkbugs Out Of Your Home

Keep Stinkbugs Out Of Your Home

At Stern Environmental Group, we know all about bugs and that includes the stinky kind. Stinkbug season is upon us and with our help, we’ll have your office fresh as a daisy,

Stinkbug Profile

The unusual shape of these bugs makes them look like a miniature armored tank. The brownish colored bug is a native of Japan, China and Taiwan. They made their debut in the U.S. around 1998 and have continued to call America home.

Stinkbugs are considered agricultural pests, no matter the season, and enjoy feeding on fruit and vegetable crops. If you have a garden or lush landscaping, the bugs will feed on the tasty leafy goodies starting in May or June.

You can tell if stinkbugs are pilfering your garden products by checking for dimpled areas on the outer surface of fruit or veggies or leaves. The dimpling is due to the sucking process of the pulp by the bugs. The bugs signature “odor” is often described as smelling like coriander and emitted whenever a bug feels threatened.

Winter Woes

When the fall season starts to make an appearance, stinkbugs pack their bags and move into homes and offices to hibernate throughout the winter. Cracks and crevices, around door and window frames, down chimneys, or any small opening is the perfect entrance for stinkbugs.

If you have an infestation in your property, contact our staff at Stern Environmental Group to set up an appointment to remove the problem.

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