Urban Wildlife: The Cuteness You’d Better Keep at an Arm’s Length

Wildlife are Cute, but Beware the Diseases they May Harbor.
Wildlife are Cute, but Beware the Diseases they May Harbor.

While wildlife may be cute, interesting, and fun to watch, NJ wildlife pest control specialists will tell you that it’s best to keep critters at a safe distance. Animals live in the wild, but unfortunately, their habitat areas are slowly being encroached upon by humans in their quest to construct new buildings. This pushes wildlife into human areas where they must compete for food, warmth, and safe nesting places to give birth and raise their young.

Negative Side Effects

In their desire for a new place to live, wildlife often finds ways into a home or business. Whether it’s in a crawl space, in the attic, a storage shed, or inside a porch, their presence can result in damage to the property as well as subjecting humans to pests, such as fleas, mites, and ticks, and a long list of diseases such as rabies, ringworm, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, mumps, and more.

Positive Problem Solving

The most common wildlife seen in communities include rats and mice, skunks, groundhogs, pigeons, opossums, raccoons, feral cats, and squirrels. While you may want to attempt to remove wildlife to another location on your own, it’s best to leave this part to the professionals.

If unwanted wildlife shows up, contact our NJ wildlife pest control technicians as soon as possible. We have the experience and the proper methods to safely remove pests that have set up residence in your home or business.

Man Arrested for Assault for Throwing Bedbugs into City Hall Office

Bed Bug Terrorism?
Bed Bug Terrorism?

You can’t fight city hall—at least not by dropping off bed bugs. That’s the lesson recently learned by a 74-year-old man in Augusta, Maine, whom officials charged with misdemeanor assault and government obstruction.

Charles Manning was apparently upset about a bed bug infestation and troubled by a lack of help from local officials. He walked into the Augusta City Center holding a container of more than a hundred live bed bugs, emptying them onto a clerk’s counter. Manning said he wanted them to experience bed bug problems first-hand to feel his pain.

While we can’t condone his actions, it’s easy to feel for Mr. Manning or anyone else with struggling with a bed bug infestation. Just take a look at these photos of bed bug bites.

Don’t Point Fingers, Take Action with Bed Bug Control!

In NYC, the buck stops with landlords and property managers when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. Respond quickly to reports, before tenants complain to the city or publish bed bug reports online!

Stern Environmental has NYC bed bug specialists who use scientifically advanced bed bug treatments. Cryonite freezes and kills bed bugs—and their eggs—in an environmentally friendly way. It’s safe for apartment buildings, offices, hotels, dormitories, and other commercial properties.

Don’t get mad. Get in the clear with help from NYC bed bug specialists. Contact Stern Environmental for more info about our bed bug treatment services.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Hotel and Motel Owners

Bed Bug Prevention Tips
Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Hotel and motel owners have a lot to contend with when it comes to keeping rooms above board and shipshape. One area that owners must deal with quickly and efficiently is a bed bug infestation.

These tiny bugs are a major nuisance once they’ve infiltrated hotel and motel rooms. The bloodsucking pests will wreak havoc on guests who will wake up in the morning with a multitude of itchy bites and red welts. Bed bugs aren’t disease carriers but they can cause allergic reactions for some people.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Owners have a lot of remedies at their disposal to eliminate an infestation and ways to prevent an infestation in the first place. Consider these two options to send bed bugs packing.


This non-toxic, poison-free chemical treats bed bugs by using a rapid freezing method. The process uses CO2 (carbon dioxide snow) to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It works fast and effectively, which allows the affected area to be available for use immediately after a treatment.

Bite-Proof Mattress Covers

Consider placing Protect-A-Bed bite proof covers on mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bug infestations.

If you have an existing bed bug problem in your hotel or motel or suspect the possibility of the bugs, contact the NJ bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental. Call us today and be pest-free tomorrow once our NJ bed bug specialists have treated your property.

NYC Region Rat Problems – a Warning for Other Metro Regions

You Know the Subway You Take to Work Everyday? You're Not Alone. Rats Find it a Useful Commodity as Well.
You Know the Subway You Take to Work Everyday? You’re Not Alone. Rats Find it a Useful Commodity as Well.

Be proactive, not reactive—that’s the advice of Dr. Manny Alvarez in regards to local officials around the country facing rat infestations. In the Bronx, one person has died this year and two more fallen ill due to leptospirosis spread by rats.

NYC rat control services face a constant barrage of reports. Keeping the population in check will always be important. When rats nest in restaurants, apartment buildings, or homes, they inevitably spread bacteria and viruses everywhere they crawl and leave waste.

Dr. Alvarez likens the potential of a leptiospira bacteria outbreak to the 14th century plague. Rats spread bacteria by carrying infected fleas, passing infected bodily fluids into human areas, and also by biting people.

Leptospirosis poses health risks including:

• Joint and muscle pain

• Gastrointestinal distress

• Flu-like symptoms, chill, fever, fatigue, sore throat

• Kidney and liver damage, meningitis

• Potential death

• Illness in dogs, too

How People and City Officials Should React

Illness spread by rats does not happen randomly. Outbreaks occur geographically, with many people in a neighborhood or even on the same city block getting sick. That’s why NYC rat control must respond aggressively when dangerous pathogens like leptospira have been found; possibly treating ground zero of an epidemic.

Other metro areas should watch out for growing rat problems and take action. In the city, businesses and property managers need to bring in professional NYC rat control to fight infestations at the local level.

The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention

The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention
The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention

The bed bug epidemic has reached cities all across the United States. These tiny bloodsuckers have been around for a long time and are not going away any time soon as they are exceptionally good at hitching rides into people’s homes.

A 2013 study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports found that bed bugs have developed high tolerances to insecticides, so when it comes to bed bugs prevention of an infestation is absolutely the best cure. Once they get into your home or business, eliminating them can be a challenging process. These tips from the U.S. Army and the Long Island bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental can help.

Avoid bringing stow-aways home

Bed bugs do not have wings for flying and are not good jumpers like fleas. They move slowly and are exceptionally good at hiding in the seams and creases of purses, luggage, coats, and furniture. They do not discriminate based on income and have been found in high-end clothing boutiques and luxury hotels. The Army suggests you inspect hotel rooms carefully when traveling and try to store your belongings separately from those of other people.

Protecting your home

Reduce clutter that creates an ideal habitat for bed bugs and vacuum daily to eliminate any strays before they establish themselves. We are the Long Island bed bug specialists. Contact us for everything you need to test for, prevent, and eliminate bed bugs.

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