The "Buzz" on Fly Prevention

There’s almost nothing more annoying than being awoken on a sacred Saturday morning, the ONE day of the week you can sleep in ‘til noon, by the absolutely maddening “BUZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” of a fly trying to find its way out from behind of your window shades. How do they get there, anyway? Well, flies can get into your home through many ways. They can enter through opened doors and windows, or through cracks in the walls or floors or windowsills. Flies tend to flock to warm places with lots of food. They’re especially attracted to meats and rotting matter. They lay their eggs on moist or decaying substances, which is why your kitchen’s garbage can is a hot hang out spot for these little ones. They might also appear in your home when something, such as a small animal, has died in or around your house. That’s something for which you should keep a watchful eye out.

So, how do you get rid of them? A good start is simply making certain that your house is as sanitary as possible. Keeping a clean home will be less likely to provoke flies to come in. If you’re still having a problem with them (a couple are bound to stop by, once in a while), you could always invest in sticky paper, insecticidal sprays, or you could have a go with the good old fashioned fly swatter. House flies can be nuisances, indeed, but, in cases that can be controlled, they’re not completely unmanageable. Stay clean and keep a can of bug spray and a swatter by your bedside, and your Saturday mornings shall once again belong to you.