Bed Bugs Hotels and Responsibility

You wake up in the middle of the night at a well known hotel and see a crowd of  the dreaded bed bugs looking for a human meal. After you stop screaming, you call the hotel manager and he tells you to relax because the hotel is bed bug free and the moving spots on your bed are particles of dirt. That’s what happened to a couple staying at a hotel in Ohio owned by a national hotel chain which shall go nameless. 

Perhaps if a wolverine busted out of the closet and refused to leave the hotel room, the manager would have said it’s actually a kitty cat and we charge $25 extra for his companionship.

The couple booked the room through a well known Internet hotel room provider. The hotel chain wouldn’t reimburse the unhappy travelers and the Internet hotel provider offered a grand total of $40 in travel coupons.

If the man wasn’t full of margaritas and actually found bed bugs in the room his request of getting his money back would be a small price for the hotel to pay. If they end up attaching themselves to the couple or the luggage and invading their house an expensive lawsuit could occur.

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