NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Huge Expenses for Hotels

NJ and NYC hotel owners with bed bugs infestations might be concerned about the cost of fixing their bed bugs problems after they hear what happened at a Days Inn in New Mexico. The owner of the hotel spent $63,000 in an attempt to get rid of the insects. “We are replacing everything” said Rez Chowdhuy, the owner of the building.

The hotel is getting new carpet and bedding. They are going to spray the entire hotel, and after an inspection they may spray again. Some NJ and NYC owner’s of bed bug infested hotels might not go to this extreme due to the cost. 

Six months or so after the bed bugs removal process is completed it will be interesting to see if the owner is rewarded with a bed bug free hotel or if some of the critters survived and the population reemerges.

What will the hotel owner do if a new customer unknowingly brings in more bed bugs? Does he have another huge stash of cash to spend. If I were looking to buy a business I don’t think I would be getting into the hotel business. Perhaps Henry Paulson should buy up the bed bugs infested hotels along with the toxic mortgages.

If you have bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional destroy them.