Innovative Bed Bugs Product Keeps Your Bed Safe

twin-mattress-covers.jpgtwin-mattress-covers.jpgThe thought of bed bugs biting during the night often prevents people from getting a good night sleep. The Active Guard mattress liner, made by Allergy Technologies, is a patented bed bugs and dust mite killing polyester mattress liner. It’s soaked in bed bug destroying permethrin. More excellent news; it also prevents bed bugs mattress re-infestations from occurring. The Active Guard mattress liner is registered with the EPA.

The liner is easily installed, just like a fitted sheet. A mattress pad or a sheet is placed over the Active Guard mattress liner. Any beg bugs and eggs should be removed from the existing mattress before installing Active Guard. A bed bugs pest control professional can treat the mattress for you. The permethrin in the mattress liner will destroy any remaining bed bugs. 

In one study, the majority of the bed bugs were killed in 24 hours and the Active Guard mattress liner achieved a 100% kill rate at the end of 72 hours. It will destroy bed bugs and dust mites for two years. To be on the safe side, the mattress liner should not be used for children under the age of 5.  

The innovative Active Guard liner should be part of a comprehensive bed bugs control program. The Active Guard will prevent bed bugs from turning your mattress into a hotel.

8 thoughts on “Innovative Bed Bugs Product Keeps Your Bed Safe”

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  2. Is this safe for pets who lay on top of the sheet? My dog loves to lay in my brothers bed when we watch TV and she is small so I don’t want it to be too much for her.

  3. ActiveGuard mattress liners are available. You can also suggest to your pest control professional that you are interested in this additional step to be added to his bed bug elimination protocol. ActiveGuard mattress liners are easy to install, fit mattresses up to 15″ in depth, are noiseless, odorless and durable. Retail prices range from $99.00 for a single with gradual increases up to king size….and kill any remaining bed bugs left behind after treatment. If you install this liner, any call backs needed will NOT involve your mattress!! The active ingredient outlasts the life cycle of the bed bug!

  4. I definitely would be interested in this product (Active Guard liner), and the CDC3000 when it comes out. I just have one question about the liner. How do you make sure the bugs will walk on it if it is under the sheet? I wonder if under the mattress on top of the box springs would be a better place for it. I would love more details on the testing. I think I know other people who would be interested in this, too.

    Thank you.

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