The Cimex Detection Case – Bed Bug Monitoring and Trap

Inside of Cimex Science bed bug monitoring case.There is an interesting product that is available to help eradicate bed bugs from your life and the skilled experts at Stern Environmental Group are giving it a try to see how well it works.  If the products claims are true, this will be an amazing tool in the removal of bed bugs in the United States.

The Cimex Detection Case (CDC3000) is a bed bug monitoring and trapping device.  This innovative device mimics the presence of a human body and can detect bed bugs in areas up to 100 sq. feet.  Bed bugs are attracted to CO2 and human warmth and scent.  This unit emits all of these so that any bed bugs in the area will seek it out instead of you.
Looking like a briefcase, the unit is portable and discreet and can easily travel with you to hotels or any other place you visit.  Each refillable CO2 tank lasts for 25 hours.  Unlike pesticides, this unit is safe to use around your children and pets.
According to the Cimex Science website, “Laboratory tests show that the CDC 3000 works. After as little as 1 hour, bed bugs are drawn out of their hiding places. They enter an opening in the case, which traps them in a small, two-inch by two-inch capture slide. The slide is removable, allowing you to count, document, and archive the findings in a safe and secure fashion. Slides are easily replaced to allow multiple tests in rapid succession or to allow the case to be moved from location to location.”

When using this unit there are a few easy steps you will to take to get rid of these pesky bugs:

Place the unit where you desire (usually under a bed or in a closet).  Insert lure/capture slide.  Activate CO2 and plug the unit into an outlet.  Monitor any activity for 3 to 12 hours.  Once done, count the bed bugs on the capture slide and keep a record for future reference.

That’s it!  Simple and fast!

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