If You Leave It, They Will Come

You know the saying, “If you build it, they will come.”  Well here’s a new one for you to remember…”If they leave it, they will come!”  Pests will come that is.  With today’s economy, more and more homeowners are suffering from the nightmare of home foreclosure.   Many homeowners have found that they must abandon their humble abode and hit the road post haste.

In most areas, the real estate market is soft and houses are not selling.  We humans tend to scare off many pests from moving in.  Not always, but most of the time.   The problem is that homes that are left unattended are great places for pests to take up residence.  Nuisance pests can be anything from spiders, ants and earwigs to mice, rats and squirrels, to name a few.  If belongings were left behind at the home, the problem is even worse because they provide additional hiding places and possible food sources for pests.

The unoccupied house will not only cause a problem for the new homeowner, it will cause a problem to you.  Once pests move in, they provide an avenue for pest visitation to your home.  Neighbors will often see an increase in the pests in their own homes with an empty house sitting next door.  Many people call an exterminator, but that only provides short term relief in most cases.  The problem house needs to be addressed as well.

If you find that you are living next to an abandoned home that needs attention, you should try to contact your local Housing Authority or your city government for help.  Banks have a huge investment in the property so they are also a good source to contact to take care of any extermination that is needed.

A licensed exterminator in New York and New Jersey can help you get rid of your pests.