NJ, NYC Squirrels – Why They Ruin Lawns

NJ and NYC squirrels often dig holes in lawns. This can be quite annoying and seemingly disrespectful. Common knowledge suggests the Grey squirrels are hiding nuts but perhaps something else is really going on. Sometimes Sciurus carolinensis aka Grey squirrels are actually ruining your lawn while attempting to deceive their rivals such as other squirrels, blue jays and humans who enjoy a tasty acorn.  They dig holes, leave them empty, cover them with leaves in an attempt to discourage thieves from exploring their holes and taking their prized nuts.

If you have a lot of holes in your yard it might indicate that a NJ, NYC squirrel has spotted other squirrels or humans watching them. This unwanted attention inspires them to increase their deception. Squirrels discourage other mammals from checking out their hiding places by creating “false nut storage facilities;” perhaps I just created a new phrase. 

If you want to minimize the amount of holes squirrels make in your NJ, NYC yard don’t dig up their holes and confiscate their acorns because that will inspire them to create more “false nut stashes” (oops another new phrase) in order to discourage you. Squirrels believe a vast amount of false holes will deter thieves.

Call a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional if you are having problems with squirrels or other types of wildlife.

Who’s Coming Home For Thanksgiving Dinner?

With Thanksgiving arriving next week, college students are excited about returning home for some much needed rest, relaxation and great home cooking.  Parents are looking forward to having their students return home, but should be on the lookout for some additional uninvited guests to tag along with them.  Hungry human friends are not the worry, bed bugs are.

Colleges in New York and throughout the United States have been plagued by bed bugs this year.  Dormitories, off campus housing, and Fraternity and Sorority houses all provide wonderful breeding grounds for the pesky bugs.

With so many students coming from so many locations, it is not surprising that bed bugs have infiltrated colleges.  Each student returning home should take precautions before they depart, so that they do not spread the bugs to their families.  Students should be sure to check their surroundings (mattresses, bed frames, furniture, walls, cracks etc.) before they come home to make sure they are bed bug free.

If there is any question as to if your child has encountered bed bugs while away at school, you should take immediate action.  Launder all clothing immediately in hot water.  Dry all clothing on a hot dryer setting for at lest 20 minutes.  Keep in mind that water does not kill bed bugs, but heat does.  Any other belongings that cannot we washed should be vacuumed and placed in a sealed trash bag for two weeks.

Parents should consider sending a bed bug proof mattress cover back to school with their children.  This special mattress cover will help protect the mattress from being infested as well as suffocate any bed bugs and their eggs that might currently be living on or in the mattress.

NJ, NYC Bed Bugs, Lawsuits and Insurance

For NJ and NYC businesses insurance might not provide coverage for all the costs associated with bed bugs litigation. Punitive damages are usually not covered by insurance. Also NJ and NYC businesses need to know that a lot of insurance companies won’t pay for the costs associated with bed bugs if the business owner was negligent in dealing with the bed bugs infestation on their properties.

The bed bugs have caused rental furniture companies, dry cleaners, laundromats, hotels, universities and cruise lines to be sued. Lawyers expect a huge increase in bed bug related lawsuits due to the large increase in infestations. Some lawyers believe people will be suing public municipalities about bed bug issues.

Lawyers have been receiving phone calls from property owners who want to place an addendum to their lease agreements which will make tenants responsible for bed bug infestations. This type of an addendum can be placed in agreements but lawyers are not sure if the agreements will hold up in court.

Perhaps NJ and NYC better come up with a good plan to get rid of bed bugs instead of using litigation. If you have bed bugs call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate them.

Hey, It Bit Me!

Personally, I love animals, both wild and domestic.  I would not hesitate to help an animal in need and have done so on many occasions.  One has to wonder at times what you should do if you encounter an injured wild animal.

Case if point is a British children’s author who has a soft spot for a particularly delightful, yet medically needy, squirrel.  Upon discovering an injured red squirrel that he soon nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis”, he jumped into action, nursing the critter back to good health.  Wild animals are just that…wild.  It is hard to predict what their next course of action will be.  After nursing the injured squirrel for a short time, the squirrel paid back his rescuer by taking a couple of bites out of his hands.  It is amazing how sharp a squirrel’s teeth are.  If they can crack a nut, they can surely crack a finger bone.  No hard feelings though, the squirrel is now residing elsewhere.

Many states have laws against housing and nursing wild animals back to health.  There are specific Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialists throughout the country who are more than willing to take injured animals off your hands.  Bites are not the only obstacles that you need to worry about.  Rabies is still on the rise in the US and should always be a main concern with dealing with any wildlife.

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control professional for squirrels and other wildlife problems.

NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Amateur Techniques

For NJ and NYC residents dealing with bed bugs, simply throwing out bed bug infested furniture and other infested items won’t solve the bed bug problem. A family living in a Bakersfield CA apartment tossed out their bed bug furniture and were surprised when they were still being attacked by the little critters. They actually threw out their furniture twice. Bed bugs are savvy about hiding in the cracks in walls, in electronic devices, curtains, piles of stuff on the floor and other locations.

Once they get into the structure of the residence they are very difficult to eliminate and a NJ, NYC bed bugs professional is typically required. The landlord waited too long to bring in professional pest control people and that might be why the neighboring units have bed bugs.

The Bakersfield’s residents are concerned about moving because they think some of their bed bugs will travel with them and cause a bed bug infestation in another apartment building. NJ, NYC apartment owners may have to purchase a trained bed bug sniffing canine to check new renters and their stuff.

Call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to get rid of them.