NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Dogs to the Rescue

NJ and NYC residents with bed bugs or think they may have bed bugs might want to hire the services of a bed bug sniffing dog.  With their amazing sniffing capabilities they locate the bed bugs and their eggs. They let the humans destroy them.

One owner of bed bug sniffing pooches claims his dogs are 98% to 100% accurate. His service is so popular it has expanded from one bed bugs sniffing canine to ten. Each canine participates in a $10,000 six month training class. His bed bug detective canines have searched for bed bugs in a variety of places.

The owner of the canines states that one female bed bug can produce 500 eggs and he goes on to state that in six months, due to the one bed bug you could have 5,900 bed bug guests in your home. That’s not good.

If I owned a NJ, NYC hotel I might buy one of these pooches. Perhaps a trained beagle and not an intimidating Doberman Pincher, to politely sniff my hotel guests and their luggage as well as the rooms after they leave. Hopefully the canines would  be seen as heroes and not as annoyances.

Got bed bugs? Call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to destroy them.