NJ, NYC Residents, be Aware of Bed Bugs Scams

It’s bad enough that NJ, NYC residents are being attacked by bed bugs but now perhaps they have to be concerned about bed bugs scams. Actually, there have not been many bed bug scam cases reported but be aware of people posting on the internet that their house has been infested with bed bugs and they need a few hundred dollars for fumigation. They might claim they lost their job or their little baby is being attacked by bed bugs etc. Perhaps they are telling the truth or perhaps they are scamming the public.

An entrepreneur posted on the internet that she sold a bag of baby clothes for $20 with no bed bugs and the buyer sent her a message claiming that she paid $80 for the bag of baby clothes which was infested with bed bugs. Two different versions of the situation.

People sometimes blame used furniture companies,  moving companies and other businesses for infesting them with bed bugs. In some cases they indeed may be right. Sometimes they have a legitimate reason for their suspicions but are actually wrong about the cause of the infestation. Sometimes it just might be a scam.    

If you have bed bugs, call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate them.

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