Have American Grey Squirrels Conquered Great Britain?

England is waging a war against a powerful American aggressor. No it’s not Wal-Mart greeters, it’s not dapper toxic mortgage hustlers; it’s the American grey squirrel. The report from London makes it sound as if a million of them recently hijacked a collection of cruise ships and landed upon the shores of Great Britain and rapidly invaded northern England and portions of Scotland. After further reading, a surprising piece of information is delivered; the invasion began during the Victorian era. After all these years they are now calling it a war.

It seems the combination of aggressive behavior, taking food sources away from the red squirrels by being able to eat unripe nuts and berries and carrying a disease which is lethal to the native red squirrels (not to grey squirrels) is severely lowering the number of the preferred red variety. The American grey squirrels’ population is exploding.

For the campaign against the grey squirrels, the government has gathered chefs who offer tasty squirrel recipes to help the campaign decrease the population of the American invaders. I wonder if NJ and NYC residents can offer any squirrel recipes featuring a savory or perhaps a succulent sauce.

Call a NJ, NYC wildlife control specialist if you are having trouble with squirrels.