NJ, NYC Residents – How to Squirrel Proof Your Attic

Some NJ and NYC residence all too often hear the creepy sounds of squirrels running, perhaps sashaying and sauntering, over their heads early in the morning while they are trying to sleep. Perhaps sufficiently padded slippers for squirrels is  a great solution. An other solution is to make sure their are no holes between the shingles on the roof for a  squirrel to slip through.

You might want to hire a professional to check your roof. The house should be inspected for loose siding, ventilation screens and other entry ways. Use heavy screening materials to cover up openings because NJ, NYC squirrels are good at chewing things. Also, replace damaged boards. Since squirrels are prolific jumpers,  trim back branches by 8 to 10 feet to disrupt their travel paths.

Before you block the holes you might want to hire a NJ, NYC wildlife control specialist to check your attic and make sure their are no squirrels in the attic and let them take care of the problem

If you don’t keep the squirrels out of the attic they will do more than make annoying noises they will damage the walls, the insulation as well as the wiring. Squirrel proof your attic and then you will just hear the soothing sounds of regal rats scurrying about over your head.