Can Bed Bugs Live In New Mattresses Too? Part II Of II

In continuation to the post on Tuesday….

In 2008, twenty six states have laws on the books regulating the sale of reconditioned mattresses.  This is up from only 19 states in 1996.   In many cases, enforcement of the laws on the books is widely ignored, thus putting consumers at risk. 

It would be a good idea to contact individual manufacturers of mattresses to see if they refurbish old mattresses.  Ten years ago I bought a king size mattress for a whopping $2200.  It is a great mattress and still has years of use left in it.  The fact that laws allow new mattresses to be made next to rebuilt mattresses is so very disturbing.   Spraying and sanitizing old mattresses does not guarantee that any bed bugs will die.  The spray that is used will not kill any bed bugs eggs that might be in the old mattresses.  If these mattresses are sitting side by side, the new mattresses can easily be infested too.

My personal opinion is that all States should ban the selling of any previously used mattresses.  There definitely is a market for them, especially in this economy, but we must all ask ourselves at what cost?  It only makes sense that old mattresses are helping spread bed bugs from home to home.  In fact, investigations have been done and bed bugs survive the rebuilding process.  Doesn’t everyone deserve to have a nice clean mattress without bacteria, fungi, fecal matter and most definitely bed bugs!  Nobody in their right mind would buy a contaminated mattress on purpose.  Without regulation and enforcement of those laws, buying used is putting every one of us at risk.

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