NJ, NYC, Bed Bugs and Rented Furniture

NJ and NYC residents that are contemplating filling their residence with rented furniture should make sure the NJ, NYC rental company thoroughly inspects the furniture for bed bugs before they rent it. Perhaps a rental store that owns a bed bug sniffing beagle would be a good idea.  

JoDean seemingly had a bed bug free apartment until the rental furniture arrived. Now they are crawling all over the place. The furniture rental company claimed they inspected the furniture before renting it and found no evidence of bed bugs. I have to wonder if they have at least one employee who has been properly trained to search furniture for bed bugs and their eggs.

After complaining and a television news station reporting the story the rental company finally picked up the furniture and payed to have the apartment professionally sprayed for bed bugs. Hopefully the little critters didn’t crawl over to other units in the apartment building.  Even if they didn’t, if the apartment building were to become infested weeks or months later with bed bugs the landlord may request the furniture company pay for the exterminating and could possibly bring a lawsuit against the company. Bed bugs create complicated financial situations.

If you have bed bugs  call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to eliminate them.