NYC Bed Bugs Legislation – Is it Strong Enough?

Hopefully 2009 will bring new legislation that will help NYC residents get rid of their unwanted house guests, the dreaded bed bugs.

What concerns me is the legislation that 14 NYC city council members were promoting late last year regarding bed bugs and the City Health Department is not a strong game plan. The only potentially really helpful part of the legislation was the idea to create a bed bug control training program for pest control providers and property owners. However, where is the money for this program. Will over 90% of apartment owners and their managing staff attend the bed bug training program? Will the bed bug trained apartment owners have meetings with tenants in order to train them in prevention and detection of bed bugs?

The legislation also calls for the NYC City Health Department to provide bed bug information on their website. What would be the rejoinder of most NYC residents to this ingenious tool in fighting bed bugs? Perhaps “You can’t be serious!” There is plenty of information all over the internet about bed bugs. That weapon probably has the bed bugs laughing. NYC city council members should look at some of the strong legislation being utilized in other cities.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control experts are ready to eliminate the critters for you.