Should NYC, NJ Adopt Cincinnati’s Bed Bug Plan?

Should NJ and NYC officials utilize Cincinnati’s plan for attacking their bed bugs situation?

Cincinnati health officials suggest the best way to fight the city’s bed bugs problem is to raise awareness of the bed bugs infestation. The whole world is now aware of the Cincinnati bed bugs problem due to articles in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and various internet sources.

However, NJ and NYC should be leery of adopting the Cincinnati bed bug plan.

Data suggest that approximately 15 percent of Cincinnati’s population has bed bugs while only 31 percent of those with an infestation problem are using the most effective treatment, which is a professional pest-control management service.

The city has developed a DVD and a brochure to educate the public regarding bed bugs. Well, it’s a little helpful. Cryonite is better.

The city has announced that due to budget constraints the Cincinnati’s health department is no longer inspecting for bed bugs despite a 10-fold increase in requests last year.

In summary: only 31 percent of Cincinnati’s infested residents are using a bed bugs pest control company and they shut down the city’s bed bugs inspections. DVD’s and brochures might still be available! Oh my. Regarding bed bugs, perhaps NJ and NYC should emulate a different city.