NJ, NYC Schools and Reducing Pesticide Risks

Perhaps NJ and NYC residents should be concerned about pest problems in their NJ and NYC schools. Over 50 studies have been completed since 1994 regarding the problems with pest infestations and the unsafe pesticide use practices in the nation’s schools.

The EPA is recommending Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to reduce the risks associated with pesticides and the exposure of kids to the chemicals. IPM includes simple strategies such as reducing or eliminating food, water and shelter for pests in school facilities and the landscape. Schools participating in an IPM pilot program have been able to reduce by over 70% the amount of complaints and the amount of pesticides used. The program also calls for parents, school administrators, teachers, custodians and others in the school community to be involved in the program. Teaching students the benefits of an IPM program is also recommended by experts.

It’s 2009 and more than 50 critical reports have been issued about the pest and pesticide problem in schools since 1994. Why haven’t the school systems in the country implemented an IPM program to make the schools safer for kids? Hopefully the IPM plan will get a lot of attention by school administrators.

Call a NJ, NYC pest control company to eliminate the critters.