Mus Musculus A.K.A. The House Mouse Part II Of II

Continuing on from last Thursday….

There are different contraptions for New York/New Jersey homeowners to try to get rid of mice.  There are lethal type snap traps, glue boards and live traps.  Picking them up after they are used; is not for the squeamish.  I hate killing any animal personally, but at least for mice I have changed my mind.  I once asked someone to pull off a live mouse from a glue trap to set it free.  Let’s just say that that was a monumental mistake and one that I will not make again.

Repellents have not worked well to keep mice away, despite what some television advertisements say.  Using poisons can be dangerous to children and pets.  With no guarantee as to where the mice will actually die, you could end up with rotting mice in your walls.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  It is hard to get rid of mice.  Hard, but not impossible.  Once you do get rid of them, make sure you inspect often for areas that mice can re-enter your property. 

If you think you might have mice, but are not completely sure, you can put flour or baby powder along your walls to see their tracks.  Once you know that you have mice, it is best to contact a professional rodent exterminator to get rid of them.  Stern’s trained team will eradicate your mouse infestation for you.  Know that acting quickly, before a problem gets out of hand, will save you a ton of trouble down the road.