Sniffing Out Bed Bugs

By now everyone in New York and New Jersey has heard of the rise in bed bug infestations.  They have been found virtually everywhere and are causing pain in both their bites and the wallet.  The great news is that there is a fairly new avenue to take to help you win the war against bed bugs.

A resent trend in bed bug detection has been to utilize canine detection.  Dogs have a far greater sense of smell than we humans do.  In fact, dogs can detect smells up to 10,000 times better than humans can.  Bed bugs leave behind a specific scent that humans are only able to smell if the infestation is in advanced stages.  Bed bug detection dogs help pinpoint exact locations where bed bugs are hiding by using their fantastic sense of smell. 

Since bed bugs are masters at picking their hiding places, humans are not always able to see exactly where they are.   As a result, locating bed bugs can take hours.   Bed bugs have been known to hide not only in beds, but also in walls, picture frames, telephones, electrical outlets, video game consoles, computers and basically anywhere they so choose.

Bed bug detection dogs can spot a bed bug in as little as 20 seconds with 100 percent accuracy.  On average, a single hotel room will take only 2 minutes to be examined by a dog.  These trained dogs will help exterminators locate the pests so they can be completely eradicated once and for all.

Stay tuned to Stern Environmental so you can help welcome their new expert bed bug sniffing dogs which are expected at the end of January!