Have NYC Bed Bugs? Invite the Mayor for the Weekend

According to a recent editorial in the New York Times, there are several NYC agencies that can help a little bit regarding NYC bed bugs problems, yet there is not one agency which can deal with the whole issue. The NYC health department has some bed bug information, the housing department will take a peek and the state of New York has control over pesticide issues.

Some cities in the United States and Canada have government agencies that offer comprehensive bed bugs programs. Some of these city agencies have received high marks for dealing with bed bugs. Perhaps NYC should consider putting together a bed bugs plan based on the agencies in this country and Canada that are receiving high praise or even a small amount of praise. Perhaps even a dash of praise.

Some NYC residents are complaining that Mayor Bloomberg is not doing enough to help the NYC residents with their bed bugs infestations. Perhaps someone with a bed bug infested apartment unit can invite the mayor to stay the weekend. Maybe a few bed bug bites might stimulate the mayor to place the NYC bed bugs issue higher up on his agenda.

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