NYC Bed Bugs; Time for Some Action

The New York Times published an editorial about the dreaded bed bugs which included links to some bed bugs resource sites. That’s fine but obviously more needs to be done to combat the horrible NYC bed bugs. Ever since DDT and other pesticides were outlawed, due to environmental reasons, the bed bugs have been flourishing. Most NYC residents would probably feel more optimistic if the NYC actually established a bed bugs task force that actually had some power and included top-notch experts and people who know how to get things done.

With the substantial rise in NYC bed bug infestations and complaints the NYC residents should push their politicians to create one. Perhaps getting a celebrity or a professional athlete involved in the NYC bed bugs issue could get the ball rolling. Celebrities are always assisting with good causes and preventing bed bugs from attacking people while they’re sleeping and leaving awful welts is indeed a noble activity. Hopefully all the regional and national celebrities that read this blog; there are at least 500 of them, will get together and demand a NYC bed bugs task force. All comments and ideas are welcome. 

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