NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Beyond the Scratching

Most NJ and NYC residents realize that NJ, NYC bed bugs can cause itchy welts and skin irritations. However, some experts have been reporting that airborne allergens associated with bed bugs may be causing bronchial asthma in humans. Researchers also suggest that numerous bed bug bites can contribute to anemia and could possibly make their victims more vulnerable to common diseases. Being attacked every day by the little critters can also cause people to loose some of their vitality.

Health departments including NYC don’t get too involved with bed bug problems because bed bugs are not considered a health issue because they do not carry or cause diseases. However, bronchial asthma and being more susceptible to acquiring common diseases is a serious issue and should be further studied.

A study focusing on bed bug victims and their frequency of acquiring common diseases compared to non-bed bug victims might be a good idea. Yes, there are various other factors to consider when determining why a person gets a common disease, but researchers typically have ways of dealing with these issues. Perhaps bed bugs are causing more harm than we realize.

If you are being attacked by bed bugs, ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy them. All comments are welcome!