Barking Up A Storm For Bed Bugs

Working dogs have been helping mankind for many years.  You can find sight assistance dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, criminal seeking dogs, rescue dogs, arson detection dogs, drug seeking dogs and search dogs.  They all work for the simple joy of a treat, a new toy, a belly rub or a pat on the head.  They all perform their “job” any time they are asked to with amazing accuracy.

Stern Environmental now has a new weapon to help battle bed bugs…bed bug detection dogs.  These K-9 detectives are trained to sniff out bed bugs in homes, hotel rooms and apartments faster than a speeding bullet.  Well not really that fast, but they can search an entire room in only a few minutes.  Exterminators can take a couple of hours to search a home so the comparison is unbelievable. Bed bug detection dogs can detect bed bugs in any location in your home.  Bed bugs will hide not only in beds, but in other furniture, computers, telephones, walls, and outlets to name a few.  They are sneaky little pests, but they can’t hide from the powerful nose of these trained dogs.

Contact Stern Environmental Group right away so they can unleash their new bed bug detection dog arsenal upon your bed bugs!