What’s In My Attic?

Attics are one of the most overlooked and often ignored areas in most homes.  If you are like me, you only go into the attic to bring down or put up holiday decorations.  Because it is widely overlooked, it is an easy place for unwanted wildlife to take up residence.

The first signs that you will most likely notice that a critter has been living above you is often discovered in the form of the pitter patter of little feet or tiny pellet droppings.  Squirrels, raccoons or other rodents will often enter attics through vents, loose boards or the eaves of your home.  Squirrels and raccoons have even been known to chew through soffits and shingles to get inside.  Mice are so small; they can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

These pests do not seam to be happy just living among us.  Their fantastically sharp teeth cause considerable damage by chewing on electrical wires.  Exposed wires hold a tremendous fire hazard for homeowners.  Many homeowners have also found that they need to replace the insulation in their attics once unwanted critters move in.  Insulation can be damaged by the parasites on the wildlife, nesting, or feces and urine.

When dealing with nuisance wildlife, you will need to eliminate access to their nesting sites, remove the nests and feces, disinfect the area to remove parasites and deodorize the attic. This is a job that you want to call out the professionals for.  Call a nuisance wildlife expert that can help rid your life of rodents and squirrels living in your attic.