What’s Your Experience?

We at Stern Environmental Group work hard to provide quality service to all of our customers.  It is always nice to hear back from our customers about their experience with Stern.  We recently received this email from one of our wonderful customers…

“I wanted to write and say thank you so much for the professional, discreet and accommodating way you have helped us with our bed bug problem. Our 5 month old baby was bitten and the next day you had the K-9 detective dog come to our home. We were horrified to find out that we had gotten bed bugs from someone who had visited us. As new parents, we couldn’t move fast enough to rid our home of these awful pests and protect our child from getting more bites. Within 3 days you shipped us our bed bug mattress and box spring covers (which are guaranteed bite proof or your money back and have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval), answered numerous questions and your team came to vacuum and spray. As a mother, your graciousness, your advice and the fast work of your entire team has made me extremely grateful. I would recommend your services to anyone who unfortunately has to deal with this horrific problem! You have given our new little family peace of mind and finally a good night’s sleep.”  C.W. – March 2009

I simply cannot imagine the horror of finding that my baby had been bitten by bed bugs, especially in my own home.  We are so pleased that we were able to provide the services needed to help our customers rid their home of bed bugs.

Stern has been a leader in residential and commercial bed bug prevention and bed bug control.  We offer services in New Jersey, New York, New York City and Connecticut.  We offer a variety of services and products that will help you eradicate bed bugs once and for all.  Our products include the amazing CDC 3000 Bed Bug Monitor, the incredible Packtite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber, the ever popular non-chemical treatment of Cryonite, the fantastically accurate bed bug detection dogs, superior mattress encasements, and bed bug luggage and mattress spray for traveling.  With such a great arsenal of products and services available at Stern, it is no wonder why our success rate is so high.

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