NYC Bed Bugs and the JAMA Report

The prestigious medical journal JAMA has put out a report on the odious bed bugs. The report is titled “Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) and the Clinical Consequences of their Bites.” Sure its got fancy tables, a large number of sources and clinical information regarding the reaction and/or severity of the infestation. It discusses bed bug bites, treatments, issues in prevention, pest control and eradication.

It contains a lot of good information, however bed bug blogs and articles on the Internet have also provided some of the same types of information but without the impressive scientific flavor of the text. They used the words elucidate and vector. It’s not too often you hear those words used in NJ, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx.

The article mentions important goals such as creating optimal therapy for bed bug bites, producing effective bed bugs repellents and educating the public about bed bugs. I think most NYC residents will agree with these findings. It sounds more impressive when it comes from a prestigious medical journal. Well, kind of, sort of, maybe. If you have already come up with these goals without doing extensive research, then yes, you can praise yourself.

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