NYC Hotel Pays $100,000 for Bed Bug Bites

The NYC Hotel Pennsylvania is going to pay $100,000 to a group of tourists who claimed they were attacked by bed bugs when staying at the hotel. The bed bug attacks occurred back in 2005.

Bed bugs lawsuits may become more commonplace in the future. Perhaps some in the legal profession will be known as bed bug lawyers. Maybe the specialty will be offered at prominent law schools across the country.

Curious NYC residents might wonder if the bed bugs actually jumped onto the tourists while they were on a bus, a restaurant, at a movie theater or some other venue. Perhaps they actually brought the bed bugs to the hotel.

If NYC hotels do their best to prevent bed bug infestations and acquire the services of bed bugs exterminators immediately after the infestation has been discovered, then maybe hotel owners should only provide tourists a sincere apology and a firm handshake.

It will be interesting to see if it becomes trendy for employees to sue their employer if they believe they were attacked by bed bugs at work. Perhaps suing schools for bed bugs attacks will become prevalent. Oh my.

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