NJ Bed Bugs Extermination Warranties?

A bill was recently introduced in the New Jersey legislature, which if passed, would require pest management professionals to provide a warranty after bed bug extermination procedures have been done at residential premises by Stack Cunningham. Sounds like a good idea for the consumers. This might also prevent unqualified companies from entering the profession and cause the unqualified companies currently operating to leave the bed bugs business.

It will be interesting to see how long the warranty must last. Let’s see, the pest control company completely eliminates the bed bugs from a NJ home and a bed bug sniffing Beagle gives the treatments his paw of approval. However, one of the kids comes home from a bed bugs infested  school two months after the treatments have been completed and he brings a gang of bed bugs with him to the NJ home which turns into thousands of bed bugs living in the home. Nobody knows for sure how the infestation returned but the NJ pest control company might be blamed for doing a poor job and will have to spend time and money with more treatments. I hope the NJ legislature consults with qualified pest control companies before finalizing the legislation.

Read the full legislation document sponsored by Stack Cunningham (PDF).

If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to destroy the critters.

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