Should NYC Apartment Owners be Sued for Bed Bugs?

Should NYC residents sue apartment owners if they are attacked by bed bugs in their apartment unit? It depends on the circumstances. A woman living in a city called Kerrville is suing Bindock Investment Co. Inc, the owner of the apartment building she lives in where she claims she was attacked by bed bugs. The case brings up an interesting issue: The owner of the apartment building probably didn’t dump a bag of bed bugs in the apartment unit. They were probably brought their accidentally, with no malice by other residents. Should the apartment owner be financially punished for something he did not do?

She also claims the defendant’s conduct regarding the issue was “extreme and outrageous” which entitles her to exemplary and/or punitive damages. Punitive damages can bring the plaintiff big bucks. Perhaps suing landlords for bed bugs attacks will become trendy. Perhaps it will become a cottage industry for lawyers.

If NJ, NYC landlords ignore reports of bed bugs infestations or are caught dumping a huge bag or even a little bag of bed bugs in an apartment then perhaps a lawsuit is appropriate.

If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to eliminate them.

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