NJ, NYC Residents, Bed Bugs and Clutter

Residents of NYC and NJ can do a variety of things to keep bed bugs infestations from occurring. No, buying a badger to guard the premises is not recommended. However, that growling vacuum cleaner can suck up bed bugs and eggs, so vacuum often. Avoid clutter. Be organized, don’t leave piles of stuff on the floor. Clutter is one of the biggest factors for bed bug problems.

Even if you don’t have NJ, NYC bed bugs now, it’s best to keep up with the bed bugs inspections, such as checking the bed sheets for little blood spots and little bed bug fecal matter. No, don’t hire a butler to do it. There difficult to spot because bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and they don’t giggle. Besides beds they hide in curtains, couches, electronic devices, windowsills and numerous other places.

Just because you don’t have bed bug bites doesn’t mean you don’t have NJ, NYC bed bugs lurking in your home and sauntering over to your bed at night. About thirty percent of people bitten by bed bugs don’t have symptoms. Keep up with the bed bugs inspections.

If you find bed bugs in your residence ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy them.