Wrapping Up a Mouse Problem

Gift wrap and packing materials are items that we all like to keep around the house. You never know when you’ll need some because you almost forgot Aunt Esther’s birthday or that party one of the kids is going to after school. Gift wrap is expensive to buy and you always wind up with more than you need. And it’s just plain green to recycle all that pretty printed paper, colorful tissue and ribbon.

It obviously had been a while since one of our clients had delved into her gift wrap supply closet, perhaps as long ago as the frenetic rush of December. Now she had a bridal shower to attend and she knew she had the perfect celebratory wrapping paper for the gift. Or she thought she did. When she reached for it, she found that it was marred with ugly brown stains. In fact the whole closet had a rank odor. As she further inspected the closet, she found shredded ribbon, chewed and torn wrapping paper and telltale tiny bits of blackened rodent feces.

Mice had literally made hay with much of the gift wrap supplies in her closet. They’d shredded it to use for nesting materials. Soft, dark and warm, the gift wrap supply closet had inadvertently served as a perfect incubator over the winter months for the reproduction of invasive mice. Now all the contents were ruined and had to be thrown away. Not very environmentally-friendly or economical.

Luckily she called us, a highly qualified NJ, NYC pest control company using state-of-the-art Track and Trap technology to solve the problem. And she also got sturdy plastic storage bins for that closet.