New Bed Bugs Plan for Apartments

Critics of bed bugs living in NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and everywhere else may want to examine the new bed bug plan being utilized in Manchester N.H. After spending thousands of dollars and years of fighting bed bugs in the Langdon Mill apartment building, the tenants will move out of the building for a few weeks in order to try and get rid of the bed bugs. During the hiatus from their building the residents will receive education about preventing bed bugs infestations.

The landlord claims the tenants cause bed bug infestations by bringing in mattresses and furniture they find on the side of the road. During the relocation, infested furniture will be tossed out and clothes and linens will be cleaned. The city and a volunteer agency came up with the plan. 

Why do they have to move out to receive bed bugs education? Will just removing infested furniture and cleaning clothes and linens really solve the bed bugs issue? Will some bed bugs infested furniture be left behind? What about all the bed bugs favorite hiding places? Will the residents be taking hitchhiking bed bugs to their temporary residence? Perhaps this bed bug plan will not please NJ and NYC residents.

Let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert eliminate the odious insects.