Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, And Fleas, Oh My! Part I Of II

It has recently been reported that commuter trains in England are carrying more than passengers of the human kind.  A study from a pest control company there shows that cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas are having a field day traveling from place to place with passengers.

Tests were performed by spraying a pesticide inside of an empty train and a bus and then they counted the insect bodies. That sounds like a fun job to have!  The amount of dead insects found was absolutely staggering.  Reports are that the average commuter train contains up to 1,000 cockroaches behind lighting and ceiling panels, and 200 bed bugs and fleas in the seats! Wow, that’s a lot of potential infestations going on there.

Of course the train and bus operators deny that they have this sort of bug problem happening within their systems. They say that the trains are cleaned after each work day and deep cleaned every 14 days.  Just with bed bugs alone, a simple cleaning is not enough.  Even with a ritual deep cleaning every 14 days, you can just imagine how many bed bugs bite people, or worse yet, hop on people’s clothing and travel back to their home or businesses with them.  Bed bugs are master hitchhikers, it’s no wonder that England is suffering with such bad infestation problems!

Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion.