New York City Restaurant Sanitary Ratings: What?

The Board of Health has voted to require New York City restaurants to display the letter grade they received for their sanitary inspections. The new measure is supposed to inform the consumers about food safety at the restaurant.

The theory is that restaurants will try harder to keep their restaurants clean in order to achieve the A rating. Not too many customers want to have a plate of spaghetti at a restaurant that received a D- grade. The customers they do get would probably demand a deep discount and prompt service. Oh my.

The grade is based on the number of violations that were documented during the sanitary inspection. Every establishment will have to place a placard at the point of entry, probably a door and not a vent, which shows the grade.

However, the restaurants that receive A grades will be inspected less often than those receiving lower grades. Hmmm, hopefully unsanitary restaurants won’t just work hard to pass an inspection and then let the rats run wild! Oh my.

Hopefully the plan will be successful. A similar plan improved the sanitary conditions in Los Angeles restaurants.