Raccoons Are A Menacing And Dangerous Pest

Raccoons are adorable when you see them frolicking together out in the backyard or woods.  Their cute little striped face, big brown eyes, pointy whiskers, and shiny nose may make you think that they are as friendly as your neighbors golden retriever.  Get close to them or have them pay a visit to the interior of your home, and you will see that they are not quite as cuddly as you imagined.

People in Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York are encountering raccoons in increasing numbers this summertime season. Just this past week, two raccoons were seen trying to obtain entry into a third story apartment of one residence.  They clawed the screen, scratched the glass, and even tried to open the window to get inside.  The resident, who was on the inside bashing on the window, could not even scare the creatures away.  Earlier the same month, the same resident awoke to his kitchen being ransacked by a raccoon.  Another Park Slope resident reports that she had four raccoons running amuck in her dining room and kitchen.

Raccoons are extremely strong and resourceful critters to deal with.  Once they have entered your home and decided it is a good place to nest, they are difficult and dangerous to evict.  Even though they can weigh as much as 35 pounds, these animals can squeeze their large bodies into spaces as small as four inches.  Raccoons are a constant problem for homeowners because of the damage that they cause to structures, urine and feces that they leave behind, and electrical wires that they chew.  They can cause damage to gardens, lawns, crops and livestock as well.  Raccoons are known carriers of many diseases that are extremely dangerous to humans and domestic animals.  Contracting rabies from raccoons is always a concern; but you also need to be concerned about distemper, roundworms, fleas, mites, and ticks when raccoons are present.

Raccoons can be one of the most challenging wild animals to remove. If you have raccoons in your home, contact Stern Environmental Group.  We offer expert Raccoon Control and Removal Services to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut areas.