When Politics And Bed Bugs Collide

Some people believe that we are experiencing a pandemic bed bug outbreak.  Bed bugs are absolutely nibbling their way across America and sometimes you have to wonder if our government officials really understand the severity of the problem or if they even care.  Some states, like New York, are taking bed bug complaints from all residents seriously and are enacting laws and programs to help the entire population of their state.  But, when it comes to the federal government, sometimes, we are just left scratching our head!

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced a new “Funding Opportunity Announcement for State and Tribal Assistance Grants – Bed Bug Education/Outreach and Environmental Justice”.  The EPA intends on allocating $550,000 for this new “Environmental Justice” program to fight the little monsters that have been feasting on human blood from coast to coast.  According to the EPA, the money will be used to “address bed bug infestations in communities disproportionately exposed to environmental harms and risks.”

It’s not a surprise that some folks are crying foul with this one.  Bed bugs are an equal opportunity offender.  They care not what your economic status is or ethnic background.  These creepy crawlers are only after one thing…human blood…and to them, we all taste the same!  Bed bugs are not just going after those living in disadvantaged communities.  In cities across the United States, blood thirsty bed bugs are attacking the rich as well as the poor.

Some people believe that this $550,000 grant is an expensive effort to solve a government created problem.  The fact is that pest control experts need more alternatives available to them in order to fight bed bug infestations effectively.  Bed bugs have been around for millions of years.  They were once under control in the United States.  They have been able to quietly re-establish themselves in the comfort of our homes and now we are all suffering the effects of our government’s decisions from years past.

You can view the entire EPA grant program and decide for yourself how this new grant program will affect your community.