Chimney Swift Bugs Are Like Bed Bugs…Sort Of!

There are several types of insects that resemble bed bugs in how they look and how they behave.  Unfortunately for homeowners, the discovery of strange bugs creeping around their home, especially in their bedroom, can result in panic and sleepless nights.  Homeowners are discovering that many insect species mimic bed bugs as they awake with what appears to be bed bug bites.  It takes a NYC or NJ pest control professional to properly identify the type of pest that is causing the problem for proper pest control measures to ensue.

Chimney swift bugs are often mistaken for the common bed bug in New Jersey homes.  They look extremely similar, but do have some different indicators that should be noted.

• Bed bugs are typically nocturnal, unless an infestation is raging out-of-control in a home.  Chimney swift bugs are often seen crawling on the walls of homes during daytime hours.

• Bed bugs are not able to crawl on slick surfaces because of their “claws”.  Chimney swift bugs are often found creeping around in bathtubs and sinks.

• Bed bugs are a year-round pest.  Even though bed bugs can abstain from feeding for extended periods of time, they will not do so if a blood meal is readily available.  Chimney swift bugs will emerge during the summer months only.

• Chimney swift bugs live in wall voids and chimneys.  Treating your home for bed bugs is insufficient.  Using mattress encasements and other types of bed bug products won’t help with chimney swift bugs.

• If you have treated for bed bugs but the insects continue to reoccur, there is a good chance that you have chimney swift bugs instead of bed bugs.

Commonalities between bed bugs and chimney swift bugs:

• Both insects seek out blood as a food source.

• Both attack their victims at night.

• Bites from both insects are intensely itchy.

• Both require the help of a licensed pest control professional to properly identify and eradicate.

• Both types of adult bugs are a little smaller than an apple seed.

It is important to remember that bed bugs are not seasonal pests.  They will not die down in cold winter months as other pests do.  Proper identification and treatment can be achieved by hiring a knowledgeable NY or NJ pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group.