Bed Bug Blue – The New Test for Bed Bugs

This video shows a new product soon to be released called Bed Bug Blue.

To verify the presence of bed bugs you take a fecal stain or spot, swab it with the special solution on the special paper. If the paper turns blue, then blood is present in the fecal matter proving that the stain is from a bed bug and not a cockroach or other insect. This test can be used to verify that a stain has been left by a blood eating insect.

This product will be helpful for hotel managers, lawyers, and even consumers.

Updated 2/21/12
The manufacturer tells us that professional kits will be available in about one week. The kits will contain a dispenser roll of 100 test strips and the solution needed to test on them.

The consumer version of this test kit will be available in several weeks and will contain nine test strips and solution.

Read David Cain’s review of the Bed Bug Blue product. (PDF)