New Bed Bug Rankings For 2011

City leaders across the United States always wait with eager anticipation the various reports that are released each year that rank their city in a variety of different categories.  Popular topics are:  housing prices, cost of living, safest city, and job projections.  These rankings help keep people interested in living in a particular area, encourage potential new businesses to come into an area, as well as keep local businesses thriving.  One ranking that government officials are not always happy to hear news about is how their city is ranking when it comes to how their often their residents and businesses are dealing with bed bug infestations.  For the past few years, two major nationwide exterminations companies, Orkin and Terminix, have been tracking the cities that have had the most bed bug complaints and treatments.

It’s that time of year once again when we learn how our country and the bed bugs are faring in the United States.  Orkin has just released their final numbers for the “Top 50 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities in the United States”.   Some city leader are happy to see that they have dropped down the list slightly from last year’s ranking and some have dropped significantly which is an indication that the programs, laws, and educational campaigns that they have implemented are beginning to work in their communities.  Some cities are disappointed to learn that the bloodsuckers have taken a stronghold on their city.

WLS reported Orkin’s Top 50 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities on March 17, 2012.  Here is the top 10.  You may read the article here.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio (same ranking as last year)

2. Chicago, Illinois (same ranking as last year)

3. Detroit, Michigan (up from 4th place last year)

4. Denver, Colorado (up from 6th place last year)

5. Los Angeles, California (up from 25th place last year)

6. Columbus, Ohio (down from 3rd place last year)

7. Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas (up from 50th place last year)

8. Washington, DC (down from 5th place last year)

9. New York, New York (down from 7th place last year)

10. Richmond/Petersburg, Virginia (up from 16th place last year)

Clearly, more work needs to be done in 2012 to combat the critters.

Rat Infestations Are For The Birds!

For the rat lovers in the world, reports are that domestic rats make wonderful pets.  In the Indian city of Deshnoke, rats are revered at the Karni Mata temple.  There people believe that if you eat food or drink water that has been touched by these rats, you will be blessed.  Their wild cousins however are not so welcome in homes and businesses in New York City say NYC pest control experts.

In the United States non-domesticated rats are considered to be pests.  It is widely believed that wild rats originated in Asia and were inadvertently transported via ships to other parts of the world.  There are two types of wild rats:

• The Norway rat or brown rat grows to be about 10 inches long with a tail that is shorter than the rest of its body.

• The roof rat or black rat will grow to about 8 inches long with a tail that is always longer than the body.

These rats are prolific breeders.  Female rats are ready to begin breeding when they are about 3 to 4 months of age.  Once pregnant, the females will give birth in about 21 days.  During her one year life, a female rat can produce up to 7 litters per year. Each litter will have between 6 and 22 babies.  Wow!

Rats are aggressive and adaptable creatures.  They are on the constant lookout for food, water, and shelter, which makes human habitats the perfect place for rats to hang their hat.  Outdoors, rats live in burrows that are located near their food source.

Besides contaminating everything that they touch, rats are known carriers of a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat- Bite Fever, and the Plague are common reasons that rats tend to cause panic in humans. Don’t let rats come in and threaten the health and safety of your home or business. Contact a New York City pest control expert for expert rat removal services!

The Stigma Of Bed Bugs

Without a doubt, bed bugs can be a nightmare for a business. Customers afraid of picking up bed bugs in a retail store will likely head for the hills once the news breaks of bed bugs lurking among the goods on any store shelf. Hotels and motels with reported bed bug infestations face cancellations as guests worry about bringing the little bloodsucking hitchhikers home with them. Thanks to websites like, people do not need to rely on the honesty of any hotel or motel any longer. With a few simple keystrokes everyone is able to quickly find out if bed bugs are lurking in most any hotel or motel in any city in North America…even if the information is false.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to endure. Many people suffering through an infestation report high levels of anxiety and sleepless nights. The stigma that is associated with a person experiencing a bed bug infestation can be too much for many people to bear. Besides dealing with costly bed bug eradication treatments, horrible bites and itching, bed bug victims are also faced with the stigma associated with having bed bugs. Once it is discovered that a person has bed bugs, people are understandably skittish about visiting an infested home. It is not uncommon for invitations to be rescinded, friends begin to disappear into the woodwork, and family members tend to shy away from even quick hugs because they all fear that they too will fall prey to the dreaded bed bug plague that is hitting the country.
Bed bugs may not transmit disease, but they are a nightmare to deal with once they have infiltrated your home or business. New York and New Jersey bed bug infestations can be eradicated with the help of an experienced bed bug expert like Stern Environmental Group.

Protection With Protect-A-Bed

Anyone who has ever had bed bugs in their home can attest to the massive trouble that they bring.  Sleepless nights are a common complaint among customers of NJ pest control professionals.  Out of desperation to rid their homes of the blood thirsty pest, some people try store bought pesticides only to find that they only kill sporadic bed bugs on contact.  Others unleash store bought bug bombs on the bloodsuckers.  Homeowners soon realize that bug bombs are the worst product for bed bug usage as they drive the bed bugs deep into hiding in the cracks and crevices of the home instead of killing the bugs. There are many products available at Stern Environmental Group that will help consumers and pest control professionals get a handle on bed bug infestations in homes, hotels and other business establishments.

Bed bugs are commonly found living in the seams of mattresses and within the confines of box springs.  While experiencing an infestation or if you are concerned about encountering bed bugs, searching for the bloodsuckers in these locations on a regular basis can be a tiresome task.

The Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Bite Proof Encasements are the perfect time-saver as they make any wandering bed bugs easy to spot.  These mattress encasements are seamless so bed bugs are unable to hide and multiply in their normal locations.  Unlike other types of mattress covers on the market, the Protect-A-Bed products have a patented BugLock zipper enclosure that permanently locks in any bed bugs and their eggs.

The easy installation and long term protection makes these covers the best alternative for hotels and consumers alike.  At Stern Environmental Group you will find a full line of Protect-A-Bed products for the crib, twin, full, queen, and king size bed.  It is our goal to help you achieve a good night’s rest, without bed bugs biting!

Bed Bugs Vs. Carpet Beetles

First they are there, then they are not.

The verdict is…gavel please…carpet beetles!

Bed bug encounters are a constant threat among home and business owners report New Jersey pest control experts. The thought of bringing bed bugs home with you can easily bring any person panic as nobody wants to be on the menu of these blood thirsty pests, nor do they want to go through the hassle of the extermination process.

Several news stations in North Carolina reported on March 7, 2012 that the New Hanover County Courthouse had a bed bug infestation problem. In a surprising turn of events, County officials decided to close the entire courthouse so that pest control professionals would have full access to the facility so that they could eradicate the bloodsuckers with ease.

The closing resulted in a disruption of court cases as some were rescheduled, and some were moved into another building in an attempt to provide services to the public. In another surprising turn of events, WECT reported on March 8, 2012 that there were not any bed bugs in the courthouse after all. According to reports, the building is instead infested with carpet beetles! You may read the article here.

For the untrained person, carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs when they are found. Unlike bed bugs, which feed on blood, carpet beetles feed on entirely different substances and cause damage to the items that they nibble on. Before becoming adults, carpet beetles feed upon: carpet, woolen fabrics, furs, preserved items, and stored food sources. Once they become adults, they must consume pollen and nectar to survive. Carpet beetles are small insects with a rounded body, and short antennae. They are easily distinguishable by their multi-spotted bodies, which bed bugs do not have.

A New Jersey pest control professional will be able to properly identify carpet beetles, bed bugs, as well as other types of annoying pests. Contact Stern Environmental Group for quality pest control services in New Jersey and New York.