Cockroaches Are Bad For Business

There’s nothing like visiting your favorite restaurant, grocery store, or hotel and discovering that insects have also staked their claim to the goodies inside.  NYC commercial pest control professionals can attest to the fact that cockroach infestations in a business will scare customers away.

Cockroaches in New York City are one of the many types of pests that can easily slip inside of a business and multiply very quickly.  Because cockroaches are typically nocturnal pests, at least in the early stages, they often go unnoticed by employees, managers and business owners.

Cockroaches can be transported into a business via shipping boxes, a neighboring business, or even via a customer.  Resourceful cockroaches will seek harborage in cardboard boxes, behind or in cabinets, in walls, in or around garbage, and behind appliances.  These pests need food and water and typically reside within a 15 foot radius of those sources.

Not only will cockroaches prove to be a horrifying site to customers, they also pose a health risk as they are known to carry many disease causing pathogens.  Because cockroaches will eat just about anything, and travel through garbage and other vile areas, they collect pathogens on their legs which in turns contaminate all surfaces that they travel upon.

Keeping your business pest proofed by hiring a NYC commercial pest control expert is the key to keeping disease ridden cockroaches under control.  Stern Environmental Group has extensive experience in cockroach eradication.  Listen to our “cockroach stories” and you’ll hear how our technicians are able to identify the source of the cockroach infestation and use our extensive knowledge to rid businesses of even the most invested areas a short period of time.

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