NY’s Bill #S45228 Means Big Pest Control Changes

The Governor of New York has a new Bill awaiting his signature.  Bill #S45228 is set to amend the current Environment Conservation Law that is on the books as it pertains to “minimum risk pesticides” in NY.  The current law requires that all commercial applications of pesticides be handled by certified pest control professionals.

The argument for changing the current law is that since the Environmental Protection Agency has already deemed certain pesticides to be “minimum risk pesticides”, that they should be available for commercial use.  The products are considered to be safe when used as they were intended, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pesticides that are considered to be safe by the Environmental Protection Agency will not need to be registered in the State of New York, under the Environmental Conservation Law, if the Governor signs the new Bill to law.

Despite the pending change in the law, one cannot argue that the previous regulation that was set in place of all commercial pesticide applications being completed by a certified pest control specialist has not kept the public safe.  Other types of pesticides are listed as “minimal risk pesticides” as well and mistakes have been made by consumers in the home environment.

In some instances, pesticides that have been used incorrectly have been used in abundance, or combined with other pesticides which have caused serious problems for consumers.  Sometimes those mistakes have made families ill and have even caused death.

This pending Bill will take away the control and protection that is offered for commercial pest control companies.  In addition, improper pest control treatments have proven to make matters worse when it comes to the insect infestations.

A licensed NY pest control professional knows how to properly apply pesticides to your home or business and can keep your family and business safe.

When Bed Bugs Run Amuck, All A Pest Control Pro Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Monday…

According to the Austin Daily Herald.com on June 23, 2012, another tenant claims that their landlord sprayed their apartment in an attempt to get rid of the bloodsucking bed bugs. They say that after the treatment, the bed bug infestation actually became worse instead of better.  Studies have shown that store bought chemicals do not work on bed bug infestations.  NY and NJ pest control professionals report that because bed bugs have become resistant to so many different types of pesticides, it takes a combination of efforts to rid a building of bed bug infestations.

Because the landlord has failed to hire a licensed pest control expert to educate the tenants and themselves on how to rid the building of the pests, the bloodsuckers have continued to thrive.  The lack of education about the creatures is one of the reasons why the resurgence of bed bugs has been so drastic throughout the United States.

The benefit to using a pest control professional instead of attempting to treat an infestation themselves is that pest control pros know the proper procedures of Integrated Pest Management.  With bed bugs, you must take into consideration many different factors and treatment in different ways in comparison to typical household pests.

At Stern Environmental Group, we have an arsenal of products and services to rid a home, business, or apartment complex of nasty bed bug infestations.  Tenants should refrain from throwing out all of their belongings as many items can be eradicated with heat treatment or freezing (Cryonite).  In addition, there are other ways of detecting and trapping any bed bugs that may be remaining within a structure after treatment commences.

We encourage you to visit our website to see the vast amount of interesting products and services that have proven to be effective in bed bug eradication.

When Bed Bugs Run Amuck, Call A Pest Control Pro Part 1 Of 2

Bed bugs are a scourge that no person should be forced to live with.  They are known to cause painful bites, intense itching, scarring, secondary infections, and sometimes even serious allergic reactions for those that must endure them.  In some states, landlords who fail to treat apartments and other types of rental properties that have bed bugs can find themselves in serious trouble.  Other states are behind the curve on bed bug laws and seem to be able to let their properties remain infested with the blood thirsty pests paying no mind to the horrible ordeal that their tenants must live in.

In Minnesota, tenants who have been suffering through nighttime attacks by bed bugs since October of 2011 have had enough of the little vampires.  According to the Austin Daily Herald.com on June 23, 2012, a group of tenants have retained an attorney to fight their landlord who has done little to stop the pests.  Exhausted tenants complain of nightly attacks that have left them covered in bed bug bites from head to toe.

According to reports, at least one family has admitted to using bug bombs on their apartment, which they plan to use again in two weeks.  What these tenants do not realize is that they are not actually killing the bed bugs like they think they are.  Recent studies have proven that bug bombs do not work on bed bug infestations.  Instead of killing the pests, they drive them farther into the walls.  In an apartment situation such as this, the bed bugs are simply spreading faster into other units instead of being killed.

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion.

Freeze Bloodsucking Bed Bugs With Cryonite

NY and NJ pest control professionals continue to receive calls from customers who are fed up with being nibbled on by blood thirsty bed bugs.  Recent studies have shown that using traditional bug bombs are disasterous when it comes to treating bed bug infestations.  Bug bombs do not reach into the cracks, crevices, mattresses, dressers, walls, electrical outlets, and all of the other locations where bed bugs hide. Once bed bugs detect the bug bomb pesticide, they quickly move in the opposite direction, spreading the infestation to other rooms or adjoining apartments, condos, hotel rooms, etc.

For a safe, non-pesticide, non-toxic alternative to bed bug eradication, Stern Environmental Group is offering Cryonite.

Previously used extensively throughout Australia and Europe, Americans now have the satisfaction of killing bed bugs without the use of harmful pesticides.  Cryonite will eliminate bed bugs, as well as other pests, by blasting them with a fast burst of carbon dioxide snow.  The deep freeze that the bugs encounter kills bed bugs and their eggs quickly and efficiently.  Cryonite does not leave a wet sloppy mess, but instead melts completely dry.  This amazing technology allows us to penetrate into deep cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide.  Cryonite is also safe for all types of carpet and fabrics.

Stern Environmental Group has many different products and services that we offer both business and residential customers.  We invite you to stop by our website to see how we can help you keep bed bugs from attacking and eradicate them if they have invaded.

Squirrels In The Attic Spell Trouble For Humans

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common squirrel that is seen from coast to coast report NJ pest control professionals.  They have two breeding seasons per year, from December through February and again from May through June.  Their litters can range in size depending on the time of year that they are born.

Squirrels are very successful and adaptable creatures.  They are known to travel for miles looking for a good source of food.  Once discovered, they will build a new nesting site.  Preferring to build their nest high among the treetops, when none are available, squirrels will look for the next highest location to live in…an attic.

Squirrels can enter your attic looking for a place to nest at any time of the year.  Because of the sharp claws they are able to work their way into small breaches that may go unnoticed by a homeowner.  Squirrels enter attics through tiny gaps in vents, holes in roofs, soffits that are in disrepair, and the eaves of homes.

Homeowners who notice strange noises in the attic or scampering across their ceiling may have an uninvited guest in their attic.  Once one squirrel enters a home, it does not take long for others to join in the fun.  Squirrels will use the attic as a storage hub for their winter stockpile of nuts and berries.  Other creatures like skunks, opossums, mice, and rats, as well as insect pests, are also attracted to their food and will come in droves if discovered.

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