Why Not Just Use Store Bought Pesticides?

There are many reasons why people choose to use store bought pesticides for pest control instead of hiring a NJ pest control professional.  Many consumers find that despite the claims of product success, they are often disappointed with the end outcome.  In today’s economy it might seem like the most economical and easiest solution to use do-it-yourself products, but here are a few things to consider.

Value:  Consumers may find that the initial cost of buying store bought pesticides may appear to be lower in price vs. hiring a professional exterminator for pest control.  Do- it-yourself products don’t have the same effectiveness as those that are offered by a pest control technician, which means that although you might see an initial improvement in your pest problem, you will require more treatments, which will cost you more money in the long run.

Misapplication:  It is easy to misapply store bought pesticides.  Under-treatment will result in the lack of controlling the pest.  Overuse of pesticides can result in serious medical problems for humans and pets.  In some cases, death has even occurred.

Misidentification: Some pests are accidentally misidentified by home or business owners.  Misidentification leads to pests being treated incorrectly which can cause the infestation to thrive instead of be eliminated.

Making Pests Worse: Some consumers have inadvertently made their pest control problem worse.  Example:  Consumers who have used rodent poison not realizing that the rodents would die in their wall voids.  Those rotting carcasses attract other pests which will feast on the decaying material and then move on to other sources in the structure.

It’s always wise to choose a licensed NJ pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group instead of using do-it-yourself products.