Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs…A New Kind Of Superhero!

They don’t fly, and they can’t leap over a building in a single bound.  They don’t have x-ray vision, nor do they super human strength.  They don’t travel at superhuman speed, but they do have a superhuman sense of smell!  Bed bug sniffing dogs are going wild this summertime season helping NYC and NJ pest control professionals find bed bugs in hotels, motels, colleges, and businesses.  Locating the bed bugs before renters, patrons, or students discover the pests is always a top priority for these furry superheroes.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are superhuman when it comes to sniffing out bed bug infestations.  They can detect the smallest infestation of live or dead bed bugs.  They are also able to detect bed bug fecal matter and shed skins.  According to an article in the August 2012 publication, recent testing was done on the accuracy of bed bug sniffing dogs at the University of Florida.  Bed bug sniffing dogs had a 98% accuracy rate at finding their targets.

According to on August 3, 2012, Dominican University in Ohio is relying on the nose of a 2 year old beagle.  Ranger’s job is to find any bed bug infestations that exist within the campus prior to the arrival of any students.  The school is hoping to avoid having students bitten by bed bugs like they were last year when school first began.  It should be noted that it would be a good idea to have Ranger sniffing out each of the incoming student’s luggage pieces as you never know who may be harboring bed bugs in their own belongings.  It takes only one pregnant bed bug to eventually infest an entire dorm, classroom, cafeteria, lounge, laboratory, etc.