Rats In New York City And Beyond Part 1 Of 2

When most people think about rats they think of them living in massive hordes in dark places, piled high on top of each other.  Rats, although disgusting to most people, are interesting to some that study their behaviors.  Rats are the third most successful species of mammal on the planet report NYC pest control professionals.  Humans take the number one slot of course, and mice take the number two slot.

Like humans, rats are diverse and unfortunately for home and business owners who would like to eliminate them, they are intelligent as well.  In an attempt to kill rats, some people have made the mistake of throwing down rat poison or traps.  These methods have not worked well because these social animals learn and plan their activities and pathways.

Different types of rats feed upon different types of food sources.  For example, the “Hudson River Rats”, are able to swim and feed off of fish.  The “Ocean Rats” live along the jetties in Brooklyn and gobble up shellfish.  Barn rats nest in hay and feed off of grain of barn animals.  “Sewage rats”, which is otherwise known as the Norway rat, the Hanover rat, or brown rat, is the most common type of rat.  It can be found on every continent except Antarctica.  Sewage rats congregate where humans do and will feed upon any type of food source that it finds.  Roof rats are known as the black rat.  Roof rats can be found on the eastern and western parts of the United States.  They prefer warm climates and will feed upon, spiders and worms, fruits, vegetables, pet foods, nuts and grains.

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