Rats In New York City And Beyond Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Monday…

Although revered and pampered in India, wild rats are despised of in America by most people.  Rats are considered to be dirty rodents that are infested with fleas, ticks and other harmful parasites.  They are also known to transmit a variety of diseases to humans.

History reports that rats have been a problem in America dating back to at least 1738.  The rat problem was so bad in Boston, , that MA in 1741, officials paid a reward for every dead rat that was brought in.  In total, Boston residents killed off a whopping 8,418 rats!

Here are some interesting rat facts:

• Unlike the mice, which are able to flatten their body, rats are only able to contort their body to fit into small spaces to gain entry.  Rats are able to squeeze into spaces as small as a quarter.

• The skull of a rat measures only 12 millimeters, but it is considered to be a very intelligent and adaptable animal.

• Rats need about 1 ounce of food each day to survive.  They will eat mostly anything, including cat and dog feces.

• Rat burrows are always close to the surface, never deep down below the surface.

• The name “rodent” means “gnawing animal”.  All rodents must gnaw on items to grind down their always growing incisor teeth.

• Norway rats did not actually come from Norway.  These rats are believed to have arrived in Europe hundreds of years ago via shipped cargo from China.

• Like humans, rats live in families.  Those families of colonies number up to 50 rats.  Rat colonies that join together are called populations.

• Forty seven percent of all rodents on earth are rats!

• Most types of rats can swim up to 72 hours straight without stopping.

Because of their diversity in their behaviors, NYC rats can be hard to eradicate without the help of a NYC pest control professional.  Hiring a licensed pest control expert with experience in rat elimination is paramount to getting rid of these creatures that lurk in the dark.