Hurricane Sandy Uproots NYC Rats

Manhattan pest control professionals have received an abundance of calls from home and business owners that are concerned about the number of rats running amuck in their neighborhood.  Rats are no stranger to New York City and all of the surrounding areas, but in recent months, it seems like these pesky critters are coming out of the woodwork.  There has not been a massive rat population explosion, but there is an explanation as to why there are more sightings of the pests and why more rats are entering businesses and homes of late.

It’s been months since the flood waters raced through the subway tunnels that run under New York City.  Manhattan pest control professionals believe that the massive amount of flood waters dumped into the subway tunnels killed some of the rats residing down below, but not enough to put a dent in the head-count that plagues the city.  Sick rats, older rats, and mothers and their babies likely succumbed to the raging waters of Hurricane Sandy.  Healthier tunnel dwelling rats were likely out foraging for food when the water arrived.  It is widely believed that the majority of those rats headed up the stairs to drier land.

So where did those rats end up?  Some found their way into a small crevice where they made their new home. Some rats took to digging underground where they could easily escape the soggy soil just by digging deeper.  Some rats found their way inside apartments, restaurants, and other types of businesses.

As the streets were littered with trash, it provided the perfect feasting opportunities for hungry rats.  The lack of sanitation service, in combination with the restaurants and homes in need of disposing of spoiled food, also provided ample food supplies for the massive amounts of rats that immediately, and currently, plague the city.

Rats are a difficult pest to gain control over as they are prolific breeders. They carry a variety of different diseases which will often cause serious illnesses or death in humans.  Call a Manhattan Pest Control professional for help with rat eradication.